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Your three minute warning – how to avoid investment Armageddon

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By Simon Danaher - October 05, 2015

Thousands of expat investment portfolios are set to self-destruct in the coming years and yours could be next!

Billions of pounds worth of toxic investments have been pumped into expat’s portfolios by unscrupulous salesmen feeding off the vulnerability of clients who are unaware of the investment’s hidden dangers.

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Three minute warning

Much like the “three minute warning” which would have been issued in the case of a nuclear attack during the Cold War, we believe many investors may have only a very short time to act before their investment portfolios could be destroyed.toxic investments

We are offering investors a free special report in which we reveal why STRUCTURED PRODUCTS, UCIS FUNDS and ANY INVESTMENTS RECOMMENDED TO YOU BY AN OFFSHORE FINANCIAL SALESPERSON could be doomed to fail – soon!

If you hold an offshore investment bond with an international life insurance company (such as RL 360, Royal Skandia/Old Mutual, Generali International,  Friends Provident International, Hansard International, SEB Life International), it is almost certain this problem affects you.  This is because the widely used tax wrappers of these key international providers can easily be misused by third party salespeople.   We know this because as experts in these products – we see it all the time…

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In our FREE SPECIAL REPORT we give you the FACTS about why your portfolio could be about to implode under the heavy weight of these toxic investments.

Highly specialised and unregulated funds

One of the most LETHAL, yet seemingly innocuous investments, which could be lurking in your portfolio are UCIS funds (unregulated collective investment schemes) or other highly specialised or esoteric investments.

These investments LOOK GREAT ON PAPER, but in REALITY ARE LIKELY TO LOSE MONEY IN 75% OF CASES. This is according to an estimate from UK financial watchdog, the FCA, which BANNED THEIR SALE TO ORDINARY INVESTORS from 1 January 2014.

This ban generally doesn’t count outside the UK and so many of those who used to sell these highly toxic investments to unsuspecting UK citizens now HUNT VICTIMS DOWN ABROAD. 

We estimate that almost eight out of every 10 expatriate investment portfolios we review contains at least one UCIS or other esoteric investment which is high risk and frequently totally unsuitable for the investor.

So, if you have been sold to by an offshore financial salesman READ OUR FREE SPECIAL REPORT NOW where we explain how you can DUMP THESE TOXIC INVESTMENTS and TURN YOUR INVESTMENTS AROUND.

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Three solutions

As well as detailing why these investments are often toxic and how they could pollute your portfolio for years to come if not removed now, we provide three clear solutions to FIX THE PROBLEMS THEY HAVE CAUSED.

These three solutions are so simple you can ACTIVATE THEM RIGHT AWAY and be back on path for financial happiness in no time.

What’s more, even if you are one of the few lucky expatriate investors whose portfolio hasn’t been filled with toxicity, these three solutions could BOOST YOUR PORTFOLIOS TOO!

We are also offering international investors an immediate end to this investment nightmare, with a PORTFOLIO X-RAY REVIEW which will provide deep analysis of your portfolio and its risks.

FREE SPECIAL REPORT: “Three toxic investments you must dump right now” Download now »