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How to choose a financial adviser who’s right for you

By Sam Instone - December 23, 2018

In my previous blog, I discussed the 4 types of financial advisers.

Here’s the next step.

Actually choosing one.

With insight from financial expert, Michael Kitces.

Few professionals can manage without a financial adviser.

The vast majority needs someone to help them plan...

Guide them along their investment journey, and advise on the best way to reach their goals.

"The role of a financial adviser has changed over the last 20 years…"

Says Kitces.

Two decades ago, advisers merely helped pick stocks.

They helped to search and select them.

But things have changed for the better.

Watch our video for more.



Understanding the difference between financial advice and financial planning is extremely important for investors.

A bona fide financial planner will help you plan both your life and finances.

Providing you with a holistic view of where you are now.

And where you can be with the right guidance.

Make sure you choose a financial planner who puts your needs first and is not incentivised to sell you certain products that are far removed from your personal objectives.

Get in touch with us if you’d like help.

We’d be happy to listen to your needs.

And advise on the best way forward.

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