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5 videos and 10 minutes of life-changing financial information

By Sam Instone - January 16, 2020

We all have a lot going on.

Our careers, families, hobbies and sports.

Then there's the added anxiety that comes with the New Year...

New goals and new financial obligations.

You wouldn't be blamed for thinking there's simply not enough time in a day.

On top of everything else...

You want to be a better investor so keeping up with financial updates is vital.


Well, here's a start...

YouTube is a great place to find digestible content on anything.

But like other search engines, the biggest problem is...

Conflicting information.

Which sources do you trust?

How can you be sure the information is right for you and your goals?

You'll find 100s of videos on our YouTube channel.

They cover everything from basic investment tips to more in-depth discussions centred around the markets, returns, and more.

Each video includes an interview with an expert who provides evidence on their findings.

Giving you the clarity and confidence you need to control your financial decisions.

If you're not yet subscribed, here are our 5 top videos.

Hopefully the information learned will get you even closer to your financial goals.


1. Where are all the billionaires today?

In 2013, a former fund manager named Victor Haghani

Delivered a TED Talk asking where all the billionaires are today…

And telling us why we should care.

At the turn of the 20th century, there were many millionaires.

And, financial markets had risen hugely.

As a result, we should be seeing a lot more billionaires.

He put it down to two factors

Which cost those millionaires their piece of the billionaire pie.



2. Investors need to learn to sit on their hands

In various areas of our lives, we’re always told to take action…

That inaction is a bad thing.

But successful investing requires the opposite.

You need discipline, restraint and to do nothing.

Barry Ritholtz, one of the USA’s most popular investment bloggers…

Explains why, as investors, our biggest enemy is ourselves.



3. What can investors learn from academia?

We’ve often spoken about evidence-based investing.

But what does it mean?

In essence, what we’re really referring to is academic evidence.

Some financial professionals dismiss it…

Saying it’s too far removed from the realities of financial markets.

But we believe there’s a lot to learn.

Things like better ways to invest, structure portfolios and make rational investment decisions.



4. Why is it important to be globally diversified?

As investors, we’re prone to home bias.

It's human to want to invest most of your portfolio in stocks and bonds in your own country and not enough in assets elsewhere.

Peter Westaway from Vanguard explains why it’s not the best solution to minimise risk.

Things like political events, for example, can play a major role in your investment’s returns.

So what’s the alternative?




5. Financial planning is a lifelong process

Financial planning isn’t something you can do once in your lifetime.

It’s a much longer commitment.

While most of the work is done in the beginning…

Deciding on your goals, working out how much you need and devising a strategy…

There are many things your financial adviser needs to do on an on-going basis.

What are they?



Continuous learning is key to remaining on top of your investment game.

It’s why we always aim to provide quality information through videos, blogs, e-books and more.

If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover, get in touch or comment below.

We would love to look into it for you.