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The expert opinions of chartered professionals

These independent reviews are the expert opinions of chartered professionals. They review the savings, investment and pension plans and providers most commonly used by international investors and expats like you.

The reviews are designed to help you make well-informed decisions about traditional offshore investment product providers such as Old Mutual International (formerly Royal Skandia and Skandia International), Generali International, Friends Provident International, Hansard International, Zurich International and RL360.  They also cover offshore private banks, investment platforms, broker funds, offshore wrappers, QROPS providers, pension trustees, insurance plans, offshore fund houses, international trusts and specific offshore savings and investment products

Each review gets an AES star rating, and helpful information about features, benefits or risks. Reviews are designed to be used in conjunction with your free, no obligation X-Ray Review™, so you can understand what's best for your personal savings, investments and pensions. 

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“AES International is the lifeboat of the international marketplace.”

Andrew Hallam
Bestselling author of The Millionaire Teacher and The Global Expatriate's Guide to Investing

“Thanks to your invaluable advice, I've changed product and provider, slashed my costs and achieved over a 30% increase in returns in just 12 months”

Emily Megan Jones

“Honest reviews that highlight the pros and cons, allowing informed decision making...saved me from an expensive mistake on my insurance. ”

Blake Williamson

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