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Should investors buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

By Sam Instone - September 26, 2018

There’s been plenty of talk about cryptocurrencies.

Especially surrounding their boom.

But what do you know about them?

More importantly, should you invest?

There’s the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

You may have also heard about Ethereum and Ripple.

But there are many, many more.

Basically, they are coins issued from blockchain creators around the globe.

A blockchain is a technology with a decentralised system – unlike the real world where a central bank or monetary authority holds all the power.

Decentralising the blockchain and individual coins means you can transact easily.

No need for an ATM.

Or a wallet. 

Sounds appealing right?

But there’s a problem.

Watch our video to know more.


You can be lucky today…

Or you can lose 10% of your Bitcoin’s value tomorrow.

It’s extremely volatile and more like a lottery ticket.

Our thoughts?

Good investment isn’t speculation.

It should give you an expected dimension of return.

Opt for a highly diversified portfolio that offers better growth potential for your investments.

And safeguards you from extreme losses.

If you still want to try your gambling hand in the crypto world, make sure it’s with spare cash you don’t mind losing.

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