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Why new funds are best avoided [Video]

By Sam Instone - November 29, 2018

When a fund management company launches a new fund, they often do so to a lot of fanfare.

They most commonly spend a large sum of money on advertisements and media coverage.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to invest in them.

Here’s why.

Sometimes funds launch or relaunch based on recent performance.

So the fund houses invest heavily in PR and advertising, with the intention of making investors think:

“This fund has done very well, so I should invest in it."

But all the publicity can be misleading.

Find out why in our short video.



It’s important to block out the media noise.

That includes both good and bad headlines.

Whether it’s about the markets or new products.

Just because other people are investing in a product, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Speak to a financial planner if you have an inkling of doubt.

A second opinion can make the world of difference...

For your peace of mind and your investment results.

Time for a second opinion