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Making you
healthy, wealthy
and wise

Making the world
healthy, wealthy and wise



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How can we help you?

Your dreams and objectives aren’t like anyone else’s.

Whether an individual investor, looking to achieve your personal financial goals; or a multi-national or corporate wanting a more professional, value-driven approach to health and wellness, you'll benefit from a firm entirely focussed on you, you and your future.

It’s this truly personal and professional approach that sets AES apart. It’s the AES difference.

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About AES International


Making you healthy, wealthy and wise

AES International has reinvented financial advice and corporate health and protection - to help international executives like you earn more and pay less.

Our Story

Giving you clarity,
confidence and control

"I've waited for a long time for such a group to emerge. AES isn't just a pioneer, it's a bright light of integrity."


Amazon best-selling author

"I love working with AES, their mission of Positive Change is an inspiration to me."


Executive coach and founder of 2b Limitless

"Expats have been crying out for a group like AES. Their focus is on you and your aspirations - and they'll use an evidence-based approach to help you reach those goals."


Journalist and editor of The EBI

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