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Making you healthy, wealthy and wise

AES is the Middle East's only CEFEX-certified fiduciary. This means we're on your side and have the certification to prove it. Our extensively audited and meticulously crafted brand of independent, wise counsel and scientific approach makes us unapologetically distinct. It's not about us. It's all about you and your best interest. 

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Giving you clarity,
confidence and control

"I've waited for a long time for such a group to emerge. AES isn't just a pioneer, it's a bright light of integrity."


Amazon best-selling author

"I absolutely love working with AES. Their mission of Positive Change is a real inspiration to me."


Executive coach and founder of 2b Limitless

"Their focus is on you and your aspirations - and they'll use an evidence-based approach to help you reach those goals."


Journalist and editor of The EBI

Latest news & opinion

07 December 2022 | Andrew Hallam

The world’s richest people never build their fortunes trading currencies (plus, the best Forex trading advice you'll hear)

Several years ago, my friend Trena walked into a Singapore Bank. She had a few hundred thousand dollars to invest. The bank’s repr...

06 December 2022 | Sam Instone

The recent predictions from Barclays, UBS and Goldman Sachs have investors immediately questioning their investment strategies next year (read beforetrue

It’s the most... wonderful time... of the year... When Wall Street’s top strategists tell us where they see the stock market headi...

30 November 2022 | Andrew Hallam

Over a period of 35 years, index fund investors earn 100 percent more money than those who buy actively managed funds

Aliens from the planet Tranquillo, hovered their saucer over a giant investment conference. While taking over the conference, they...