Dubai is a vibrant and exciting city which can provide wonderful opportunities for expats. But different rules can apply concerning your finances, and any money held within a local bank could be subject to Sharia law, to name but one difference from home.

By using an offshore bank, you can:

Highly personalised world of private banking at a relatively low entry point

Relax in the knowledge that your money is in a highly regulated, secure environment

Have peace of mind that if you decide to invest, you have the tools conveniently at hand to control your finances and grow your wealth

Most expats often move through several countries as their jobs change, and so having all of your assets arranged in one place is a major advantage.

It's really as simple as ABC.

Expat Offshore Banking Rule

Stick to that, and you have the right financial building blocks in place.

To learn more about offshore banking, you can download:

The Expat Guide to Offshore Banking (UAE Edition)

In this guide, you will learn:

What offshore banking is

Why you need to bank offshore if you're an expat in the UAE

How you can open an offshore bank account

What type of offshore bank account is right for you

The benefits of having an offshore bank account

How you can keep your money safe

The Expat Guide to Offshore Banking UAE Edition

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