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How to get better investment results

By Sam Instone - June 05, 2017

[Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 30 seconds]

There are 3 simple steps that can save you years of extra work…

Yet, most people don’t follow them…

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The steps distil our experience of helping thousands of lives into 3 pieces of advice...

...designed to get you better investment results, nothing less.

Step one:

95% of expats think financial planning IS investment advice.

It's not…

They think a financial adviser IS an investment manager.

They’re not…

Most expats get international investment advice from financial salespeople

…who, as bankers, brokers or ‘IFAs’ harbour a hidden conflict of interest called ‘commission’...

...the more money they take from you in commission, the more they make for themselves!


Only a fortunate few find a fiduciary.

This is a vocational professional paid to put their clients’ interests first. 

Interests are aligned - far better results follow.

Choose the right adviser to help with your investment management and you’re a third of the way there!

Click for a checklist to help you get this step right.

GREAT wealth management now depends on just 2 more things…

It depends on:

good financial advice AND sensible investment management

Step two:

Good financial advice... is about working out where you’re going before you begin.

It's about the "why?"

It about you, your life, your family, your dreams and your future.

It’s about translating this into numbers - and getting great peace of mind and security.

Image depicting what financial advice and Investment management is about

Step three:

Sensible investment management... is about cutting costs AND increasing returns.

It’s about understanding that investing has changed...

And that Nobel prize winning solutions are both better AND cheaper!

It’s about making your assets work...

And switching off to the noise of an industry hellbent of serving itself, not you…

Image showing Investment management that plans ahead to survive market disruption

Investment management without good financial advice often leads to regret…

Financial advice without sensible investment management often leads to poor returns

So, let’s recap…

3 simple steps to financial security…

1: Choose a fiduciary who puts your interests first;

2: Choose good financial planning - so you know where you’re going before you begin;

3: Choose sensible investment management - so you invest successfully.

Here’s how, in a slideshare:

It’s about getting better results – nothing less.