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Sam Instone

By: Sam Instone

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April 11th, 2019

“I currently have money invested through [XXXXXXX] but my portfolio isn’t performing well. Can you tell me why?”

Investment | Financial Planning

One late spring afternoon, this question arrived by LinkedIn message.

It joined the deluge of others.

From expats with ambitious dreams for the future who were similarly frustrated.

If not, fed up.

The truth is, a little knowledge is power.

It’s not hard to get much better results if you know how.

After conducting thousands of FREE X-ray Reviews™ the results show: -

1. You are either paying too much

2. You are invested in the wrong products

3. Both of the above

Today’s video looks at point number 1.

Hidden charges are one of the biggest ailments of ‘traditional financial services’.

International investors typically believe advice is ‘free’.

And have no idea about the termites eating away at their returns.

In fact, there can be more than 20 layers of well-concealed charges lurking in the depths.

Iceburg hidden charges

These costs compound over time and ruin your future.

Destroying your dreams.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s a video where investment consultant, John Beckett, discusses the impact of hidden costs.

And how they can affect returns.

Watch it here.

Telling it like it is

If you’re not sure exactly how much you are paying – go compare.

Get a second opinion.

Ours is free and shows ALL the costs – not just a few.

To reveal what you’re paying and how best to cut costs in order to maximise your returns…

Don’t wait – book a Discovery Call today.

The longer you’re invested in complex, opaque and inflexible products…

The more your future is at risk.

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About Sam Instone

Sam Instone, Director at AES International, is passionate about positive change and ensuring international investors get better results.

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