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Investment risk and retirement

By Sam Instone - August 01, 2018

Managing investment risk is important at every stage of life.

But especially so in retirement.

You want to enjoy your wealth now, but one of the biggest risks of all is running out of money. 

We already know that 95% of the population has insufficient funds in retirement.

They rely on family or the state.

What can be done to avoid this?

For many years, advisers have used the 4% rule".

This helps work out how much you can afford to spend.

But is this rule still valid, and what exactly is it? 

And learn about another rule of thumb – “your age in bonds”.



Of course, everyone’s different.

You should continue to invest and take risk at a level you are comfortable with.

And whatever that level is, could vary a lot.

Sustainable strategies are always achievable, if incorporated into a good overall plan.

Having a good adviser in retirement is essential.

These are important decisions, and there’s no greater wealth than your peace of mind.

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