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Sam Instone

By: Sam Instone

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August 20th, 2018

Investment tips from an industry insider


David Pitt-Watson is a fund industry insider.

He’s worked in asset management for years.

It’s made him question the point of using active fund managers at all.

A Fellow at London Business School, he’s now campaigning for greater transparency around fees and charges.

In our latest video, we ask him the single most important piece of advice he’d give to ordinary investors.

And why he’s so distrustful of complexity.

Generally speaking, the more complex a product or strategy is, the more expensive it is.

And that usually means lower returns in the long term.

Keep it simple.

Keep it low cost.

Know what you're doing.

And what you’re investing for.

Do this, and you’re likely to do an awful lot better than other investors.

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About Sam Instone

Sam Instone, Director at AES International, is passionate about positive change and ensuring international investors get better results.

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