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Our top 5 resources for those with £1 million+ to invest

By Sam Instone - August 22, 2019

In life, nothing’s certain…

Not your job, your health, your lifestyle, nor the money in your bank.

But like death and taxes, one thing is for sure…

You need a plan.

One that you believe will work for you and your goals.

So you can successfully reach your ideal future.

We’ve all seen the dismal retirement statistics.

In fact, just a few days ago, while listening to my favourite podcast “The Intelligence”…

I discovered how countries are looking at ways to cater to the increasing number of retirees regarding healthcare, technology and housing.

In America alone, 10,000 people are retiring every day.

Only a handful are doing so comfortably.

It’s not always due to a lack of investing…

But a lack of holistic financial planning.

Everyone knows to save for retirement.

And many do so on a regular and consistent basis.

Everyone has an idea of how they want their ideal future to look...

But things like taxes, inflation and healthcare costs often come as a shock too late.

The money people thought they had to live out their dream retirements…

Is suddenly washed away because of things they forgot to plan for.

I don’t want the same happening to you.

I want to make today the day you can finally put everything into perspective.

You’ll have a bigger picture view that provides all the clarity you need.

And walk away with confidence knowing there’ll be no nasty surprises when your working years come to an end.

The future you want for you and your family is all within your control.

Here’s a list of our most popular resources for high-performance executives to secure their ideal futures.

1. Our most downloaded guide for high-performance execs

As a high-performance executive, your primary goal is most likely to have peace of mind that your and your family’s goals will be achieved...

But you have unique financial situations that require an equally unique look at your wealth.

That's why financial planning is personal to each and every individual.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach...

But there are basic principles everyone should get right, in order to have a successful investment experience.

In this guide, I share 6 tried and tested principles to help you secure your financial future.

2. Take inspiration from our Co-CEO and learn where he invests his own money

We've recently had an influx of requests for second opinions as people seek clarity, confidence and control over their finances.

And as an advocate of transparency...

Our Co-CEO decided to share how he invests his own money in this blog.

He explains why his money is in Dimensional and how this company is helping him have greater peace of mind around his finances.

Find out more about this systematic approach to investing and how it can provide the best chance for a successful investment experience.

3. Get clarity, confidence and control over your retirement in 15 minutes 

For most people, their biggest concern is: “Am I going to be okay?”

If you prepare for all the areas outlined in this guide, you should be.

You’ll learn to ensure your portfolio provides for you…

How to make sure your money lasts through your retirement…

How to factor in company pensions and insurance, and more.

Tens of thousands of high-net-worth investors (just like you) have viewed it.

We’re confident it will give you the answers you’re looking for.

4. Put your retirement goals into numbers

Many high-net-worth investors find retirement planning complicated.

It means wading through piles of paperwork (or virtual paperwork), sorting through financial statements, thinking about your long-term health...

All while making estimates about whether you will be able to live your life comfortably. 

Our online compound interest calculator can help you see whether you’ll have enough to support your ideal future.

Enter a few key variables, and our calculator will give you an idea of how much you can expect to have at the start of retirement.

5. Learn how a globally diversified portfolio can guarantee strong investment returns

Diversification increases the reliability and predictability of returns.

In other words, it smooths the way and reduces the sudden bumps in the investing road.

The ups may be less spectacular, but the downs won't be as damaging.

Ultimately, diversification works because you are giving yourself more choices.

You are less reliant on any one variable.

Watch this quick video that explains why this approach makes sense for a high-net-worth investor like yourself:

What's next?

I know your ideal future may seem audacious.

But this is what you've worked so hard for so make it count. 

Any fear, worry or anxiety can easily be turned into something more positive…

Like excitement for example.

Even if you feel you’re not investing in the right products right now – you have the power to make better decisions and start building on your wealth.

Change is within your control.

Speaking to a financial planner can help.

Sometimes an expert can make reaching your goals seem easier.

They can help put a plan in place that takes you from where you are today…

To where you hope to be in the future.

All that’s required from your side is the motivation, discipline and commitment to put that plan into action.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Book a discovery call here.

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