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Your life = 28,835 days

By Sam Instone - July 09, 2019

I watched a powerful video over the weekend.

Watched by almost 8 million others - it’s just 2.44 mins long…

It sums up how important your time is.

And how the decisions you make…

(big and small)

Have a huge impact.

I’ve written plenty of blogs on time.

It's precious.

So, when I see a visual representation of the average life in jellybeans…

It drives the point home.

28,835 days.

8,477 jellybeans (days) asleep.

1,635 spent eating or preparing food.

3,202 working (hopefully at something we find satisfying).

The list goes on.  

Leaving very little time to worry about things I know keep expats awake at night:

“Will I be OK?”

“How will Brexit affect my UK pension?”

“How can I ever trust my adviser?”




Everyone at AES is committed to spending our working days wading through the financial drudgery, so you don’t have to.

Giving you clarity, confidence and control.

Talk to us, and spend less time worrying…

And more time doing something you love.

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