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Significant research proves our method works

InvestmentScience™ is our way of investing that’s based on Nobel Prize-winning research, academic evidence and most importantly, common sense. It’s about institutional thinking, cost efficiency and doing a few things exceptionally well. Attested by world leading economists, it’s built around six principles of successful investing...

This way of investing works

Significant research proves it.

We’ve got a track record to back it up too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use Dimensional Mutual Funds (DFA)?

We believe DFA funds will improve your investment results for the following reasons:

  1. Simple indexing. We eliminate manager risk, and the human emotional need to think they can “beat the market”. We also eliminate the cost associated with their compensation, which as many of you know, is never a small number. The benefit to you? Less risk, and significantly lower cost.

  2. Simple diversification. We expand the number of asset classes in your portfolio to further reduce risk. Our basic portfolios employ a 4-step process to maximise your earnings potential.

  3. Smart indexing. Some insider language: we go a step beyond market cap based indexes, by taking advantage of the higher returns associated with small cap and value priced equities – per the Fama/French research. In short, a smarter approach to indexing.

  4. Smart allocation. Our approach lets us determine the highest return for the least amount of risk in any asset class. For you geeks, we go a step beyond “naïve” diversification using a technique called “mean variance optimisation.” The results, in plain English, are risk-calibrated portfolios.
What is your investment strategy?

We employ a “buy and hold” strategy. We believe the science of that approach is sound, because we believe that over time, no one can time the market. We adhere to a few simple principles:

  • Markets are efficient and for investment purposes assets are fairly priced.
  • Diversification reduces the risk of uncertainty and asset allocation across asset classes determines your results.

The focus for the investor should always be how much can you, the investor, risk losing, and how long are you willing to stay invested in the market.

Do you provide financial planning?

Yes.  We don’t believe in investment without knowing where you are going and advocate always having a financial plan in place before making any form of investment decision. 

Why does our independence matter to you?

Being independent from an investment perspective means we give investment advice but we don't manage money.  This is in contrast to private banks, discretionary fund managers and brokers who are paid to offer you their own in-house solution.  Because we don't have any conflict of interest when we recommend where you invest - you have far greater peace of mind to know our recommended solutions are in your best interest. 

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