Become your own financial adviser

If you think you could choose and manage your own investments given the resources and a helping hand, investment guidance may be all you need. Rather than receive advice that’s not essential, it may be more cost-effective and simpler to open an account and manage your own investments.

A simple review of your financial planning needs may determine whether you could save time and money and become your own financial adviser.

“Some of our clients tell us how advice has cost them a fortune in the past. The truth is, they could have worked it out for themselves with a little help. And this is where we come in - giving them the kind of help that they need.”

Sam Instone, CEO at AES International

“Our clients love the research process we put into filtering down over 2,500 funds. The fact they can then buy them for up to a 5.25% discount is a bonus.”


David Norton, Chief Investment Officer, AES International

Our best investment ideas include:

A ‘White List’ of favourite funds from our experts

The White List contains our favourite active and passive funds from across the major sectors. We have also negotiated super low charges for our clients. These funds therefore represent the ultimate combination of low management costs and first-class performance potential. 

The White List is designed for people who would like to choose their own funds. It doesn't constitute a personal recommendation. If you have any doubts as to the suitability of an investment for your circumstances, please contact us for advice.

Multi-Asset Portfolios (MAP)

If you would rather not select and manage your own investments, it is possible to buy ready-made portfolios of investment funds and have them managed for you. One way to do this is via the multi-asset portfolio funds available from many fund managers. We offer a range of these funds, which are available to invest in from as little as £1,000.

AES International Multi-asset portfolios
Guidance may be the right option if this sounds like you...
  • “I am unhappy with my current adviser and wonder whether there is a better way to manage my investments”

  • “I am confident making my own decisions if I have access to high quality information and research”

  • “I want an initial steer on what type of set up is best and some help pulling everything into one place so I can get started.”

  • “I am unhappy with my current adviser and have discovered the real effects of their hidden commission and poor fund selection.  I just want to make money efficiently.”

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  • “My AES International experience has always been good, without the continual pushing of products which you can get with some firms!”

    Glen Davison

    Glen Davison

  • "What we really appreciated was the way AES International really listened to all our concerns, it's such a big step to entrust your life pension savings with anyone, and they took the time to keep us at ease.”

    Barbara Veale

    Barbara Veale

  • “AES International provide professional care of your investment portfolio, letting you feel comfortable your assets are in good hands.”

    Andrea Ferretti

    Andrea Ferretti

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