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Our financial advisers are independent professionals.  This means you benefit from the peace of mind and security of an expert assessment of your individual needs.

To help you decide whether independent financial advice is right for you and which of our services may be suitable, we can offer a no-obligation telephone consultation to those considering transferring or investing £20,000 or more.

This straightforward approach represents the best starting point if you're seeking advice. It's based upon our belief that you should only pay for things you need and value. We believe this is just as true for financial advice as for any other walk of life.

What we offer you

Our independent financial advisers will act in your best interests. You can be comfortable the solutions we recommend are intended to be the best available to suit your requirements.

We offer all international clients a free, no obligation consultation to help you find the service to suit you. In some cases, clients find they don't need to pay for advice, they just enlist help and guidance from the adviser on how to self-invest. In other cases further advice is required. The scale, pricing power and transparent efficiency of our business means the cost of advice is highly competitive.

AES International holds in excess of 65 financial licences in over 34 different countries.  Our UK business is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and we export best practice from there around the globe.  We hold and control client money directly which means we can offer substantially better prices, access and terms than other intermediaries.

A bespoke service

You can take advice, make your own decisions, or pick and mix. From enabling you to 'do it yourself' to tailored financial planning, the range of options available means we can find the right combination of services for you.

“Advice is valuable if you feel a financial adviser’s expertise will help you get more from your money.”

Stuart Ritchie, Financial Practitioner at AES International

Top 10 reasons for choosing independent professional advice

  1. Ensuring you have the right banking and financial structures in place to manage major life events such as having children, moving home, investing a large lump sum, or buying additional property.

  2. A review and re-balancing of an underperforming portfolio investment from an existing IFA or wealth manager - particularly focusing on charges, asset allocation and risk.

  3. Helping you plan and invest for retirement. Reviewing existing pensions and investment arrangements. Advice on options at retirement. Maximising your retirement benefits and flexibility.

  4. Ensuring tax efficiency and learning about efficient investing.
  5. Help in overhauling 'messy and disorganised' portfolios that are in multiple locations.

  6. Investing a lump sum released from other assets e.g. the sale of a property or business, or reducing cash holdings.

  7. You no longer wish to manage your own investments – maybe you lack the time, interest or confidence to keep making your own decisions.

  8. Cash flow planning so you can begin to get control of your expenditure and an idea of how to plan for your future.

  9. Investing an inheritance OR inheritance tax planning.

  10. Reducing administrative hassle and strip out costs.


People often tell us they are unsure if they would benefit from one-to one advice. In response to this we developed 'X-Ray'. This gives you the opportunity to get a free, detailed technical analysis of your existing investments to review without obligation and in your own time. You can also discuss your needs and the services we offer in a free telephone consultation.

AES International Financial Advice

Important note: The figure assume that income generated was reinvested and that the portfolio was regularly reviewed with reference to published research from the research team. Past performance is not a guide to future returns.

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  • "What we really appreciated was the way AES International really listened to all our concerns, it's such a big step to entrust your life pension savings with anyone, and they took the time to keep us at ease.”

    Barbara Veale

    Barbara Veale

  • “The fact that AES International is so highly regulated, has won a lot of awards, is a large, completely transparent international business with a centralised investment team, has given me genuine and well-founded peace of mind – my daughter’s future is safe and secure.”

    Louiza May

    Louiza May

  • “Completely stress free with totally professional & friendly people on the phone, the speed, ease & conduct of AES International was a like a breath of fresh air.”

    Frank Kearney

    Frank Kearney

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