Cut costs:

  • Cut out high fees, charges and commissions taken from your money.
  • Immediately improve investment performance.

Gain flexibility:

  • Escape lock-in periods and avoid expensive surrender penalties. 
  • It's your money; find out how to freely access it.

Increase returns:

  • Discover exactly what you need to do today to get higher returns.
  • Improve your wealth's performance immediately.

Make a positive change to your financial future with a fee-and-obligation-free investment portfolio review.

Cut your costs, increase your returns, improve your really is that simple.

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What is an investment portfolio review?

This is a:
  • No cost
  • No obligation
  • Independent and expert second opinion
Investment portfolio review

We look below the surface of your savings, investments and pensions to give you a comprehensive diagnostic picture of your portfolio; we call our review service an X-Ray.*

Our X-Ray examines the following elements of your portfolio:

Fees, charges and commissions
Fees, charges and commissions
Surrender penalties and lock in restrictions
Asset allocation
Risk rating
Risk rating
Tax efficiency
Tax efficiency
Performance to date
Performance to date

You then receive a personalised report, written in accessible plain English, that clearly details the following:

  • Hidden and total costs and their impact (including commission paid to your adviser)
  • Appropriateness or otherwise of each element of your portfolio
  • Benchmarked performance and reasons for discrepancies (i.e., what you should have earned versus what you’ve actually earned, and why)
You will learn how to make adjustments and improvements for increased returns.
X-Ray Report Sample

Do you need a second opinion?

You may feel you are being disrespectful to your current financial adviser by asking for a second opinion. 

However, asking for a second opinion is about being an outstanding investor who takes a proactive role in your financial destiny.

If you don’t ask the questions that you have about your money’s management and your portfolio’s performance, how will you know whether you could be earning more from your money?

Get the comprehensive information you need to make the best, well-informed decisions about your savings, pensions and investments today.

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The benefits of an independent, expert, second opinion

You need only supply minimal details about your current holdings, and they will be unaffected by the independent review process. 

Your savings, investments and pensions are analysed and benchmarked, and you receive a transparent second opinion, detailing ways you can: -

  • Cut costs
  • Gain greater flexibility
  • Improve returns

Your review is free - and you are under no obligation whatsoever to commit to further consultation, or to take any recommendations made. You will be given:

  • The facts
  • The solutions and
  • Your options
The vast majority of portfolio reviews we produce uncover significant cost savings and ways to increase investment returns - discover how to make a positive change to your portfolio today.
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*For regular savings, this service is only available for portfolios worth £50,000 or more.  If your portfolio is worth less but you are concerned or have questions, there are other ways we can help, talk to us, we'd be delighted to assist..

  • "What we really appreciated was the way AES International really listened to all our concerns, it's such a big step to entrust your life pension savings with anyone, and they took the time to keep us at ease.”

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  • “Thank you AES International for helping me and my family with your low cost no-nonsense approach. It is refreshing!”

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    Kristian Petersson

  • “With this sort of service you also expect to be paying very high fees, but it’s just not the case. I would definitely recommend this to other expatriates, especially those with connections to the UK.”

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  • Quality - could you make changes to improve returns?

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