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What is an X-Ray Review™?

An X-Ray Review™ is a no cost, no obligation, diagnostic review of your existing pensions or investments (minimum value of 250,000 GBP or currency equivalent). 

It looks below the surface - and gives you the inside information you need to make informed decisions and get the best results.



Your X-Ray Review™ shows you:

  1. How to cut costs;
  2. How to get better results; and
  3. How to enjoy peace of mind.


The results of previous X-Ray Reviews™

Existing provider Invested Value before X-Ray Review™ Fees before X-Ray Review™ Total fees after our recommendations Performance over 1 year after our advice
Friends Provident Intl (FPI) $250,000  $206,265 5.48% 1.86% +17.21%








$ -





1.86%  +17.21% 
 RL360  £386,363.00 £285,125.00 4.98% 2.90% +29.32%
Generali   £514,314.00  £413,134.00 3.96% 2.85% +32.82%
OMI  £1,123,500.00 £1,082,015.88 2.74% 1.50% +19.59%

“This is the perfect service for those who want to compare their results with those of the market. Previously, I just didn't realise how much the underformance was costing me and had been relatively content. I now have a clearer grasp of how things work and the difference between speculation and true investment”

K McMullan


“In hindsight, the X-Ray was the beginning of the changefor my finances. Since then, I havent looked back and I am much happier with things moving forwards.”

B Johnsson


“I feel like I went through all 5 stages of grief within an hour because of what I was shown. It has taken a while to sink in and I honestly wished I could bury my head in the sand but this was what I needed to take action and getter better results in the future.”

M Wilson

Saudi Arabia

“I’d much rather get the cold, hard truth so I know how best to recover. It was uncomfortable at first reading what I'd lost in commission - but I'm so happy I know exactly where I am and where I am going.”

Ms W Milton


“I had no idea how much market underperformance was costing me and how easy it is to reduce my costs - having made bold changes I've massively improved my returns.”

Mr T Thirlwell



Asked Questions

What is an X-Ray Review™?

An X-Ray Review™ gives you a close up, scientific, examination of any investments you currently hold. 

It allows you to find out all the charges you have paid, the contractual terms and levels of risk to which you are subject, and the performance you have received so far versus the benchmark. 

An X-Ray Review™ is designed to enable you to make a factually based, fully informed decision about the best options for your investments and your money moving forwards.

This will ultimately give you far greater peace of mind.

Can I have an X-Ray Review™ for any policy?

We can help you analyse any form of regular or lump sum investment. 

The most common types of plans we look at are insurance based investments from companies such as Old Mutual International, Generali International, Zurich International, RL360, Hansard International and Friends Provident International. 

We also look at the underlying investments in detail for you.

Why would I want an X-Ray Review™ - how would it benefit me?

Sadly, it’s a fact that most expatriates inadvertently hold out-dated investments that are expensive, inflexible and underperform.  This is because these are the types of investments that make expat financial advisers the most money…

We often speak to expats who have lurched from adviser to adviser desperately seeking an unbiased second opinion when they realise their investments aren’t performing well – only to receive yet more conflicted opinion from another conflicted IFA.

We know that a proper scientific diagnosis of your financial position, that’s based on factual numbers and evidence, will yield you far better results in the long-run…and that is what we deliver with an X-Ray Review™.

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant!” and the often-uncomfortable process of absorbing what your X-Ray Review™ shows you will enable you get far greater peace of mind moving forwards, because it will help you make the best decisions for the growth and protection of your wealth.

Your X-Ray Review™ will give you unbiased, unconflicted facts, evidence and options.  In our long history of creating them, we’ve never received anything other than thanks and positive feedback from recipients.

How long will it take to receive an X-Ray Review™?

This depends how long it takes you to ask your existing provider to give you the information we need to run the X-Ray Review™. 

Once you give us the information we need – and we will help you source that information – we can complete your review within a few days. 

Why is the X-Ray Review™ free when it is so valuable and takes a lot of your time to complete?

We receive around 100 requests for an X-Ray Review™ each month and we complete them at our own cost as part of our commitment to help international investors get better results.

What is the minimum value my policy needs to be so I can have an X-Ray Review™?

This service is for policies worth 250,000 GBP (or currency equivalent) and over.

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