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Daniel and Katy have 2 children and met AES in 2016.

My wife and I are both in our 40s and have been in the UAE for almost 20 years now, mainly due to my career. Some very poor investment experiences made us sceptical about financial advisers in the region.

We were introduced to the AES team in 2016 and what was immediately different was how much they focused on our goals and how we wanted our future to look. The team helped make these goals clearer and more achievable, using cash flow modelling.

Whereas previously we had seen a £50,000 decline in our investments over an 11-year period, we are now making great progress towards our retirement and eventual repatriation. The AES paraplanning team has given us sound technical guidance with our UK assets and, in general, we receive regular updates with regards to succession and tax planning. Night and day compared to previous experiences!

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