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Heather & Pete have lived in Dubai for the past 13 years.

We reached out to AES when we began planning our repatriation to the UK. We had some questions around ‘split-year’ tax and Pete’s non-UK domiciliary status as an Irish citizen when we return.

This led to AES reviewing the existing investments we’d taken out over the years.

We had capital but weren’t sure if this should be used to pay off a mortgage, to stay invested, or both. We needed guidance on diversifying our assets, growing them and making sure they beat inflation. The review of our situation really helped us understand what we had. It was a relief because by consolidating what we had, especially my pensions, it reduced Capital Gains Tax liabilities we didn’t even know we’d be subject to.

Now that we’re back in the UK, we have suitable tax-efficient products, pensions ready for UK earnings and a property trust that protects our savings from Inheritance Tax.

We don’t have any dependants of our own so we want to pass on much of our assets to our nieces and nephews. Our setup now allows us to do this without losing significant amounts to tax.

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