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Jack & Judy, both from the UK, have lived overseas for over 20 years.

My wife and I were introduced to AES back in 2016. Having lived overseas for a long time, and with 2 grown up children and 3 grandchildren, our main objective was to simplify our affairs and mitigate our tax liability, since we planned to spend more and more time in the UK with family.

After a long time offshore, we had many existing financial arrangements which needed reviewed. We were concerned about fees, performance and the potential tax consequences of our assets if we were to become classed as UK residents again.

The AES team was fantastic. Through their careful planning we have been able to maintain a comfortable income stream which considers CGT and IHT. In fact, our planner has managed to reduce our potential IHT liability by over £1m!

We have huge peace of mind knowing our family will be provided for once we are gone and that AES continues to monitor our plan.

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