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"With this sort of service you also expect to be paying very high fees, but it’s just not the case"

I had known AES International for many years but I had always been hesitant in the past to use the services of an IFA. However, after I met with AES International to talk seriously about using their services I was very impressed – they were not pushy and made the process very straightforward and relaxed. They also put me into contact with some of their previous clients who gave positive feedback.

Once we had settled on the account as the best solution for me, the process was again very straightforward and smooth. There are of course a few forms which need to be completed and administration which needs to be done, but once the process of setting up an account began there were no hold-ups and no frustrations at all.

I have now been using the account for a little over a year and AES has been fantastic. Accessing everything online is easy, telephone banking is easy, even communications over email – it is all nice and easy.

I travel a lot and need access to money in many different currencies, which are all provided and, with children in the UK, I can transfer money to them which is available on the same day.

With this sort of banking service you also expect to be paying very high fees, but it’s just not the case. I would definitely recommend this to other expatriates, especially those with connections to the UK. In fact, have already done so on a number of occasions.

Jake van den Dries



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