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James and his wife are British. James's role as a CEO means he travels extensively throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

I originally met Stuart from the AES Wealth team in 2017, after submitting an enquiry through the website.

I’m a meticulous planner and, back then, had a spreadsheet detailing over 80 bank accounts and policies my wife and I had. Naturally, I was looking for some help streamlining and consolidating these, preferably all offshore.

My wife and I were both concerned about how to use efficient structures and transfer our wealth to reduce IHT exposure – we didn’t really have any kind of plan in that regard.

We did, however, know we would return to the UK once I retired at 60, which is in 2021, and so we also wanted to discuss repatriation and budget planning. We were impressed with the team’s approach, conducting a cash flow model to illustrate the big picture for us (namely we were currently on track to deplete our funds aged 96!) – which allowed us to make some decisions now about redirecting surplus money towards our future goals.

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