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Paul and Karen have lived overseas for 20+ years and want to retire in Ireland.

We’ve always wanted to give our two sons the best, and support them through higher education. Over the years, we’d accumulated various policies and products with this goal (and others) in mind.

However, life got in the way, as it does for many young families, and we weren’t actually sure if we were on track to achieve our goals or not. We were saving regularly but didn’t give too much thought to how our many investments were performing. When we met AES, it was initially to discuss and review our existing policies after our bank closed their operations. We soon realised there was much more to our finances than just putting money away and hoping everything will take care of itself.

AES addressed the inefficiencies of our current situation but more importantly also helped map out a plan for us to achieve financial freedom and retire back home in Ireland.

Our previous relationships we had previously were very short-term and product focussed; the bank or broker tended to reassure us that the product they were recommending would help us financially, so we went ahead based on their word. It didn’t ever feel like they got to know us.

Seeing our futures plotted out for us on paper was the first time we truly felt in charge of our money and knew what our plan was and why.

With AES’ help we managed to find a balance between our different financial life events, while also planning for the long-term. It’s given us peace of mind - a greater sense of security and we’re able to enjoy life now, knowing we’re properly set up for the future.

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