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Nick & Evie, both in their 50s, have 3 sons and live in Abu Dhabi.

Living within our means has never been an issue for us. We were looking for a trusted adviser to whom we could delegate the responsibility of looking after the nest egg we’d worked so hard for, while overseas.

We’ve had previous relationships in this area but were yet to find one that worked and have a number of policies that have languished.

What stood out for us was that AES is CEFEX® certified. To see a firm independently verified and know we would be getting advice in our best interests, was really appealing.

When we approached AES, we had 3 main goals–put more money away, plan for our sons’ education and pay off an outstanding mortgage.

The team was able to show us what our projected retirement date would be with our current policies, which was the first time we’ve seen this. It was quite clear that what he was recommending would move that date closer and allow us to pay off our mortgage quicker. It also saved us a lot of money from various ongoing fees that were eating away at our returns.

What we really craved was freedom of choice in the future. We’re still not sure where we’ll retire or if we want to repatriate before then, but we feel we’ll be financially able to achieve either of these goals. It’s great to have our finances taken care of because we lead busy lives balancing work and spending time with our 3 sons.

Also, with AES being multi-jurisdictional, we’ll be able to keep our relationship with them when/if we relocate. Not only that, but AES truly understands us and our family on a personal level.

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