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Helping you plan ahead

Investment planning tools can help you gain clarity over your current financial position, as well as how much you need to get and keep the life you want. 

While it may sound simple, it’s no easy task to calculate how much you need to maintain your lifestyle through retirement. You need to take into consideration factors like investment costs, inflation and compounding. Our tools are designed to help you create a financial plan to achieve your goals. 

Compound interest calculator

If you would like to see how you could make your savings work for you and ultimately become a better investor, simply use our compound interest calculator.  As Einstein said, "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it...he who doesn't...pays it".

Click on the link below to not only understand it, but start earning it today.


Cost-benefit analysis

Ultimately, your decision to choose AES as your financial planner comes down to cost-versus-benefit.

This equation is different for everyone, so we’ve developed a breakthrough tool to help you out.

This only takes a couple of minutes and enables you to reveal your own cost-benefit analysis and compare your results against other options.



Centred around getting you the life you want.

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Satisfaction score - 10/10 

"You probably deserve a 12! The team totally turned our finances around to make much more sense and created a level of confidence that we had not felt around this subject for years!"

Satisfaction score - 10/10

"Professional, transparent and understandable advice, clearly pinpointing the opportunities and risks allowing me to make informed decisions that are aligned with my personal objectives."



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Asked Questions

What is compounding?

Compound interest is where you take £1,000, let’s say. You make ten per cent in over, let’s say, one year. So at the end of the year, you have £1100. If you do that again: the following year, you make £110 in return so you’ve got £1210. And crucially, that £10 is the return on your return. That is the beginning of compounding. Compounding just means the return on your return.

How can the cost-benefit analysis calculator help me choose a financial planner?

The cost-benefit analysis calculator helps you understand if a financial planner’s fees is worth it to you. However, the value of having a firm with decades of professional experience in your corner is hard to measure.

The analysis therefore includes subjective assumptions, so please take the results as just indicative and ask your planner to explain more if required.

Are these investment tools unbiased?

These investment tools, like our independent reviews, are unbiased and have been created to give you clarity, confidence and control. 

These tools are based on formulas that work to show you facts, so you can better plan for your ideal future.

Is our service right for you?

Having a life that spans countries, currencies and tax regimes can be challenging.  

The purpose of our life planning service is to help you:

- Get and keep the life/lifestyle you want.

- Answer fundamental life questions, such as ‘How much is enough?’ and ‘When can I afford to retire?’

- Avoid costly mistakes and stay on track.

 - Achieve and maintain financial independence and a comfortable lifestyle.

Make sensible decisions about reducing the risks you’re exposed to.

- Make evidence-based decisions grounded upon academic science rather than speculation or emotion.

- Get a highly personalised service based on your individual needs.

Follow a structured, clear, and engaging process - communicated in an understandable way.

- Free up your valuable time by removing the anxiety and burden of planning and managing your complicated financial affairs

Feel truly cared for by a team focussed on you.

Get clarity, confidence, and control over your ideal future.

All our clients have an international or cross-border aspect to their lives. 

Many are independent business owners and successful executives. They are retirees who like to travel and enjoy time with their family and pursuing their hobbies. They are also young professionals with bright futures ahead.

Our clients are typically financially independent or are on the road to financial independence.

They have a common thread knowing that their time is better spent on doing the things that they love doing.

They have achieved success in life by surrounding themselves with talented and intelligent individuals, and selecting a wealth planner is no different.

Peace of mind. Confidence. Time to focus on the things they love doing. Feeling connected and informed. Relief. Happiness. These are the feelings our clients tell us they experience when working with AES.  

They have loved ones to care for, charities to support, vacations to enjoy, and memories to be made. Worrying about their financial situation isn’t one of their goals…and it is probably not one of yours either.