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Global expertise, local passion

When you're responsible for the investment decisions of your organisation, it's important to protect yourself by following stringent fiduciary standards of objectivity.

As the only independently certified fiduciary within Asia, the Middle East and Africa, we're here to help you safely navigate different tax, legal and regulatory frameworks.

Bringing impartial evaluation of your asset allocation, investment opportunities and portfolios - with a keen eye for costs.

Driving better decisions, better expectations and better outcomes.

Chartered Financial Planners that help you formulate a long-term strategy that drives better outcomes.
Investment advisory

Investment advisory


We'll work side-by-side with you to design and establish an investment plan that supports your mission and goals.

With clearly defined objectives, you'll achieve the long-term fiscal health of your assets under the scope of fiduciary best practices.

With a first hand appreciation of your role as an investment steward, you'll receive an investment strategy that's backed by academic-based research and professional experience.

Far better than 'banks' or 'brokers'


Hundreds of peer-reviewed academic studies and more than 89 years of risk and return data support a passive strategy that controls you costs and replaces speculation with risk-optimisation and global diversification.

Extensive research shows the active management and fund speculation, offered by banks and brokers, typically leads to increased expenses and negatively impacts returns over time while adding excessive and unrewarded risk.

Your relationship therefore begins with crafting your own Investment Policy Statement.  This will service as a governing document for your future strategy.

Great stewardship continues with educating the necessary stakeholders around fiduciary issues, governance, investment management and reporting/oversight. 

“Getting an End-of-Service Benefit solution in place, that didn't just satisfy our CFO but acted as a tool to attract and retain staff was a headache hanging over me. AES took the entire problem, solved it and delivered my company a total solution. I valued their experience and knowledge which helped us understand the potential benefit of tackling this area properly.”

Mark Offer

HR Manager

“We had a corporate pension solution in place, but it wasn’t sufficient to meet the needs of our key personnel. AES have created a solution, set it up, and they manage the ongoing investment side of things too. All in all – a highly professional service.”

Ian Lowe

Business owner (Engineering)

“As a company, we spent a lot of time researching the right partners for corporate investment and financial management. We were so impressed with the key team at AES International when we met them that they made the job of choosing simple in the end.”

Simon Bloomfield


You benefit from:

  • The Middle East’s only certified fiduciary who puts your needs first
  • An evidence-based approach based on more than 89 years of market history
  • An investment strategy aligned to your unique appetite for risk
  • A globally diversified portfolio designed to cushion you against market fluctuations
  • A prudent process for managing plan assets that eliminates conflicts of interest
  • Ongoing portfolio reviews ensuring your portfolio remains aligned to you and your individual goals
  • Clear, timely and regular communication giving you the peace of mind that you’re always looked after

All about you.


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