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Are you going to be okay?

If you’re like many investors, you may find retirement planning complicated and nerve-racking.

It means wading through piles of paperwork (or virtual paperwork), sorting through financial statements, thinking about your long-term health and making estimates about whether you will be able to live your life comfortably. You might even wonder if you can ever stop working.

Forecasting capital markets is never an exact science, so proper retirement planning should account for a variety of outcomes. But our online Retirement Planning Calculator can help you see clearly whether you’ll have enough to support your ideal future.

Enter a few key variables, such as your current age, annual income and inflation rate, and our calculator quickly estimates how much you could save for your retirement.

Change any aspect, and the calculator adjusts accordingly.

What do these retirement calculator results mean?

While the results above are strictly hypothetical, they should give you an estimate of expected savings for your retirement years. With this information in-hand, you can start to form questions about your current or future retirement situation.

Begin by answering the following questions:

  • What are your retirement investment goals and objectives?
  • Do those goals match with your anticipated annual rate of return and current asset allocation?
  • If you’re still working, how many years will your portfolio continue to grow before you being taking withdrawals?
  • Does it make sense to extend your working years?
  • How much are you contributing to your various investments?
  • How long will your assets need to last?

All these questions are important factors when planning for retirement, and should be carefully considered as you craft your long-term investment strategy.

Still have questions? Download our must-read guide on key retirement questions and issues. The AES 15-Minute Retirement Plan includes research and analysis you can use now.

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