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What is an international insurance plan?

International financial planning involves making decisions around five main areas; budgeting, liquidity management, management of large purchases, long term investment and international insurance.

As such, insurance which covers expats is also considered part of financial planning and essentially means you pay money to an insurer for financial protection.

An important category of this for expats is international life insurance. 

This protects the beneficiaries in the event of the death of the policyholder(s). 

It can also provide protection against eventualities such as critical illness, sickness, income protection and so on. 

Certain types of international insurance such as endowment and whole-of-life combine multiple features of savings and life insurance into one package.

Our view is that it is much better from both a cost and performance point of view to invest with an investment company and insure with an insurance company.

It is wise to decide early on whether or not you agree with us that it is better to keep savings and life insurance apart.

Our international insurance reviews are designed to provide unbiased and objective opinion in regard to the potential utility of available products in this marketplace.  They have all been checked by a Chartered Financial Planner.

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