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9 life-changing books to help you on the road towards financial freedom

By Sam Instone - November 29, 2020

Go to bed smarter than when you woke up.

That’s Charlie Munger's formula.

His partner, Warren Buffett, also a massive advocate of lifelong learning, once gave students the following advice:

“Read 500 pages a day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest.”

Here’s my list of finance books to help put this into action.

The Royal Military Academy was a great place to learn about leadership.

Over 11 challenging months, Officer Cadets are taught a lot about delegation NOT abdication of responsibility.

It’s a life lesson that followed me even as I changed careers.

20 years later, most of our clients (many of whom are highly successful, busy, senior international professionals) are brilliant delegators and industry/community leaders.

Many have financial concerns they want fixed which they delegate to us as professionals believing our credentials and investment philosophy will help them.

They often want one of three things:

  1. To protect their family and lifestyle
  2. To live life today while securing their future
  3. To help the people and causes dear to them

Whichever one you are, these books will help you gain clarity, confidence and control.

(If you’d like more, I have a whole library to share with you - simply comment below).


1. Wealth with Purpose by David L Andrew

David Andrew believes the financial industry is having the wrong conversation with investors.

By changing the focus from product, price and performance to values, goals, planning and outcomes, he believes investors will get better results and will also be more inspired and fulfilled.

This book underpins his unshakeable belief that dealing with our money differently can help us live happier, more fulfilled lives.

Read this if: You want to start having important conversations with your family and loved ones.

2. Investing Demystified by Lars Kroijer

If you’re having difficulty grasping the world of finance, or having too many sleepless nights about the markets, you’re investing wrong.

Investing is simple.

This book proves it in plain English.

You won’t find unnecessary jargon or concepts here just an enjoyable, concise read that’s not short on information.

One irony of this book is that it’s written by a former hedge fund manager, Lars Kroijer, who strongly argues against hedge funds and advocates for a passive investment approach instead.

Read this if: You’re worried about how high commissions and costs may have impacted your investment.

3. The Path by Peter Mallouk and Tony Robbins

If you're on a quest to achieve financial freedom, this book comes packed with all the tools and strategies you'll need.

You’ll learn how to navigate, select or reject the many types of investments available.

You'll also discover the secrets the financial services industry doesn't want you to know.

In addition, there are real-life success stories and vital lessons to learn from.

All in all, this book is full of practical wisdom to implement in your life today.

Read this if: You need to find the motivation to either start investing or keep at it.

4. Money by Rob Moore

The sub-title of this book says it all; Know More, Make More, Give More.

We all have pre-existing views on money.

And the sooner you understand that money is simply a medium of exchange, the easier it is to make it work for you.

This book is a gold mine for actionable steps to increase your wealth.

It has helped me change my mindset towards money and most definitely will change yours. 

Read this if: You're interested in learning about the history of money, and your perceptions of it. 

5. How I Invest My Money by Joshua Brown and Brian Portnoy

In this collection, 25 financial experts share how they navigate markets with their own capital.

Their honest renderings include how they invest, save, spend, give and borrow.

They detail the “how” and “why” of their investments.

Sometimes raw, always revealing, these stories detail the indelible relationship between our money and our values.

You'll find illustrations from the revered Carl Richards in here too.

Read this if: You want to learn how to remain disciplined and committed to your financial goals.

6. Millionaire Expat by Andrew Hallam

This brilliant book shows how anyone can achieve financial freedom if they simply put their mind to it.

Andrew Hallam shares insights on how you can build your strongest-ever portfolio from anywhere in the world.

And, how to put it to work for you so you can achieve financial freedom.

Read this if: You want to learn how to enjoy life on your terms.

7. 100 Things Millionaires Do by Nigel Cumberland

This book by Nigel Cumberland shares a lifetime of knowledge on building and retaining wealth. 

You'll discover common habits adopted by millionaires, and learn how you can implement them in your life. 

Packed with 100 strategies to help you improve your financial future, it's easy to read, impactful and provides great life lessons in each chapter. 

Read this if: You want to gain invaluable insight into the mindset and habits you need to succeed. 

8. Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

This book contains 19 short stories exploring the strange ways people think about money.

It teaches you how to make better sense of one of life's most important topics.

After all, doing well with money isn't necessarily about what you know.

It's about how you behave.

And behaviour is hard to teach, even to really smart people.

Read this if: You want to work better with your money.

9. Wealth of Wisdom by Tom McCullough and Keith Whitaker

An essential guide for high-net-worth families who want to successfully manage their significant wealth.

These 50 most common questions provide deep insights and thoughtful answers to help you make more informed decisions about your financial legacy.

You'll find fascinating examples, stories and case studies to show you how other successful families, just like yours, have managed to get their financial houses in order.

There are also practical tools to help you become organised, develop a strategy and take real control of your family's wealth.

Read this if: You want to protect and grow your family's wealth.

Better control of your financial life

Reading is the best possible way to master anything from life to money.

It’s why we believe the right education should be easily available.

It shouldn’t come at a cost.

Everyone deserves to have simple, enriching and unbiased information so they can make use this knowledge as a catalyst for their financial freedom, peace of mind and security.

After all, it’s what everyone wants.

Download our own ebook, '11 rules high-net-worth investors swear by', written by Co-CEO Sam Instone.

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