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What is Positive Change?

By Sam Instone - April 30, 2015

And why are we challenging the status quo?

At AES International we talk a lot about Positive Change, and about how what we do can shape the way our profession moves forward.

But what does Positive Change really mean, what does it stand for, and how does it affect you?

Let's start at the beginning

AES International’s fundamental belief is that ‘the purpose of life is a life of purpose.’ 

Our corporate roots are deeply embedded in the British military, and it is the echo of a military motto ‘Serve To Lead’ which drives us. 

It is our past experiences that have made us who we are today, and which continue to push us to serve to others.

It is an immense privilege for AES International to have come into being at a time when there is such a clear opportunity before us within the international financial services marketplace. 

That opportunity is to exercise our purpose and serve others in creating a more prosperous society by leading Positive Change within that marketplace.

What does Positive Change mean for you?

If you are reading this article you may already be a client of ours, or you may be considering joining us.

We know how important it is for clients choosing an organisation to work with to pick the right one, particularly in financial services, and not to simply agree to work with the first one that (cold) calls you!

Peace of mind comes from knowing that the chosen organisation’s entire focus is on serving you and other clients like you, and in also positively contributing to the world around us, and having a single-minded commitment to being the best in what we do.

Being the best at delivering the best information, the best pricing, the best service and the best advice – in service of our clients – is our aim.  

That is how we can deliver Positive Change for you...

...speak to us to find out more about what Positive Change will mean for you >>

Our beliefs

The international financial services marketplace is increasingly polarised.

There is now a huge gap between the ethical financial regulations and practices of more developed markets – such as the UK, US and Australia – and those of the rest of the world.

In many of these “rest-of-world” marketplaces, the financial services industry is busy manufacturing and vending opaque toxic products and investments to make as much money for themselves as possible at the expense of their victims (the clients).

This is wrong.

Our whole purpose as an organisation is to transform this toxic industry into a profession of integrity, where transparency reigns, and there is a genuine alignment of interest between ourselves and the clients we serve.

Why challenge the status quo?

Many wonder why AES International decides not to follow the status quo, especially when there is the potential to make so much money.

Indeed, much of the toxic “rest-of-world” financial services industry sees us as annoying.

We bang on and on about this thing called ‘Positive Change’ - and rather than joining the industrial gang in continuing to promulgate the damaging approaches of the past, we lay bare the industry’s secrets from within.

This is because at AES International, we believe that all of us (including companies) are created with a gift.

This gift has been given to help us achieve our purpose in life.  Our purpose is not something we choose: it is something we discover.

Through practicing our vocation at AES International, our discovery (often through painful experience) is that wide areas of cross border financial services are wrong, and need to change. 

We exist to change this continuing wrong, and to pioneer a ‘new model’, ‘next generation’ way of operating, so as to make a positive change to our clients, our communities – and what we regard as our profession, (it shouldn't be an industry)

We are confident that in time, people will look back at the industry we are changing like Apple users look back at Blackberry…!

Are your investments going nowhere?

The speak to us, and find out what Positive Change might mean for you >>

Where are we going?

We have a very clear picture of what exactly needs to change, and hope that the following series of (badly drawn!) illustrations provide an enjoyable journey for you: 



Service and significance - what Positive Change means for you

At its heart, AES International has a strong cultural and ethical belief.

We believe that the knowledge and experience we have achieved in our professional lives should be shared with and for the benefit of others.

If this wisdom is not shared, we believe the world will be all the poorer, as the smoke and mirrors sales tactics of the past will be repeated time and again. 

What does this mean for our clients?

Quite simply, our commitment to Positive Change means you can expect to receive a service which is centred around you and your financial needs.

We will not try to vend complicated, opaque and expensive products - but embrace simple and straightforward solutions which work.

We will always act independently on your behalf, be transparent and treat others as we ourselves would aspire to be treated. 

As within the military, no task, however menial, lacks significance when it is done in service to others.

Whether it be simple administrative processing or building a world changing organisation, our work is for (in the words of Field Marshal the Lord Slim, one of Britain’s greatest generals) the spiritual belief of “a great and noble cause”.

We are each good at different things, and so it is when we combine together to use our talents in serving others, we create more than the sum of our individual parts...  

Thereby, we are building together, with our clients and each other, a prosperous world - and so guaranteeing our collective success.

By providing clients like you with the best information, the best pricing, the best service and the best advice, we hope all of our clients will reach their financial goals, whatever these may be.

Life is not about what we get, it is about who we become. 

Our real reward is about being different and making a difference – a difference in the lives of our clients and marketplace we serve, and a difference in the wider world.

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