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Investors Trust

Investors Trust is licensed and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.  

The Cayman Islands has a sovereign credit rating of Aa3(AA-), and do not levy direct taxes.  Investors Trust say: 

"investments held in the Cayman Islands can be tax efficient, depending on the country of residence of the individual investor."

Investors Trust specialises in the provision of medium to long-term investment-linked products, tailored to meet the needs of investors around the world.  It delivers a range of flexible, tax-efficient products, including regular and single premium annuities, designed to suit various income levels and financial planning needs.

With service offices established to support plan participants around the world, but not in the UK, USA or EU, Investors Trust seeks to provide opportunities to its plan participants through access to the global financial markets.

Investors Trust has asked us to confirm it is not a platform provider - but an insurance company - however, it does offer a fund platform.

Investors Trust is not a large company by international standards.  It is based out of Cayman, which has a lack of regulatory enforcement and protection. 


This is a potential red flag if the company were to suffer any financial set-backs, although, Investors Trust Assurance SPC informs us (in relation to client asset segregation) that it has: 

"specialised in investment-linked insurance products since 2002. As Investors Trust Assurance SPC is set up as a Segregated Portfolio Company, all client assets are isolated, or held in individual client level segregated portfolios, from the company’s assets. The policyholder assets are therefore 100% protected from any company liabilities."  

Investors Trust Assurance SPC is an insurance company that specialises in investment-linked insurance products, rather than a focused investment platform company or trust company. 

We believe these products have the potential to be a poor choice for expats, given the risk and impact of hidden costs.

Clients are encouraged to manage their investments within their insurance products through Investors Trust’s online platform.  The platform has a limited range of funds, as you can see by clicking HERE.

It is also telling that the marketing documentation for the platform is a one pager you can see HERE.  Features are really limited!

This platform includes unit-linked investment products, ranging from lump sum to regular savings plans of up to 25 years.

Within the platform there’s a selection of 15 well-known asset management firms, and a range of global assets or securities to choose from – but it’s somewhat lacking in passive options.

As an insurance product rather than an investment product, the platform is fixed term.

The platform’s basic ‘Evolution’ product is fixed for between 5 and 25 years, whilst other products like the ‘Platinum’ apply surrender charges for the first 5 years.

The combined asset management fee and administration charges range from between 1.5% (if you have £100,000 or more invested) to 3.4% (for the first ten years at least) for lower level investors.

The pros

  • Good technology
  • Different approach from major players

The cons

  • Cayman Island based
  • Hidden indemnity commissions
  • Uses salespeople to distribute rather than advisers
Which asset management firms manage investments within Investors Trust's platform?
  1. AB
  2. iShares
  3. Morgan Stanley
  4. GAM
  5. Schroders
  6. Man group
  7. Investec
  8. Invesco
  9. Pimco
  10. Massachusetts Financial Services Company (MFS)
  11. Pictet
  12. Fidelity
  13. Blackrock
  14. Henderson Global Investors
  15. Franklin Templeton Investments




What are the main products available from Investors Trust?

They have 5 main products: -

  1. Evolution
  2. Platinum
  3. S&P 500 Index
  4. Fixed Income Portfolio
  5. Access Portfolio
Customer reviews
Not what's written on the tin!

I was looking for an investment platform - and that's what I thought I was going to get after the first conversation with a broker...

I did my own digging thankfully.

This is NOT a proper investment platform - it's expenbsive and inflexible and not what I wanted.

Expert verdict
Expert Assessment of Investors Trust

We wouldn’t want to hold money in the Cayman Islands simply because if something goes wrong, we are unsure of the recourse available to the dissatisfied or mis-sold investor. 

We also wouldn’t want to invest with an insurance company – particularly one that looks like it is an investment platform – unless there was a specific tax reason for such a wrapper.

In our opinion, commission paying insurance companies with opaque structures like Investors Trust are unable to treat clients fairly.

If you hold any Investors Trust products, we recommend you get in touch with an international adviser you can trust, or if your Investors Trust holdings are in excess of £50,000, we recommend you have a free, no obligation X-Ray Review™ to give you the information you need to make a decision on the best way forward.

There are sometimes significant benefits to swapping out of such a plan into a lower cost investment vehicle, even if the surrender charges still apply.

“Thank you AES International for helping me and my family with your low cost no-nonsense approach. It is refreshing!”

Kristian Petersson

“With this sort of service you also expect to be paying very high fees, but it’s just not the case. I would definitely recommend AES.”

Jake van den Dries

“In the short time that I’ve been using AES I’ve made nearly ten thousand pounds and couldn’t be happier!”

Jackie Pym

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