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Offshore Investment Bonds

A collection of independent reviews from our panel of experts

Unbiased reviews direct from our experts

https://www.aesinternational.com/reviews/offshore-investment-bonds/what-are-offshore-investment-bondsOur independent reviews are designed to help existing and potential international investors make the best financial decisions. Our reviews include traditional offshore investment bond providers such as Old Mutual International (formerly Royal Skandia and Skandia International), Generali International, Friends Provident International, Hansard International and RL360.

We examine the most commonly sold bond products like Summit, Zenith and Reserve, as well as looking at baby bonds and portfolio bonds. We look at whether an offshore bond pays hidden commission, locks an investor in, or forces them to pay surrender charges to exit a product.  We also examine the fund choice behind each bond.

Our independent reviews of offshore investment bonds are our own expert and informed opinions on the products most commonly used by international investors and expatriates...AND...we feature the independent opinions of those who have bought or been sold these bonds - to help you make well-informed decisions for the benefit of your wealth. 

Each review gets an AES International rating, and comes with a generous topping of helpful information on the features and benefits associated. If you already hold any of these bonds, we invite you to take advantage of our free, no obligation X-Ray Review™ service.  This is an in depth analysis of your holdings – where we focus on any improvements you can make to cut your costs and increase your returns.

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What is the purpose of an offshore investment bond?

Offshore investment bonds can be used as investment vehicles to control when you pay tax, how much you pay and where you pay it.


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