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Everyone, at some point, needs good financial advice.

But, for many, the fees associated with this don’t make sense.

We’d love to help everyone but sadly this isn’t possible.

As part of our mission to create ‘Positive Change’ we've created ways you can improve your financial life for little to no cost.

So you can get off to a flying start.

If you have £100,000-£250,000

The Smart Account™ gives you privileged access to what was previously available only to the wealthiest investors and large institutions.

Choose a risk profile and start with as little as 100,000 USD (or equivalent), then add to your account at your convenience.

Grounded upon Nobel prize-winning academic evidence, our team works as your guide to better results.

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If you have less than £100,000 to invest...

Read, watch & listen your way to financial freedom


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Attend one of our educational events

AES often speaks at conferences or corporate events. You can request a customised presentation for your group covering a wide range of topics.

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Independent Reviews

For those with £100,000 or less to invest and who do not need advice, we typically recommend the below DIY platforms. 

These reviews are designed to give you clarity, confidence and control over your financial decisions.

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Be all you can be

AES Education is packed full of information, resources and courses to help improve financial and health literacy. 


Read, watch & listen your way to financial freedom