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Everyone, deserves peace of mind

We’d love to help everyone but sadly this isn’t possible.

Our services have been designed to meet the needs of high-net-worth individuals and their businesses,

This means our wealth and financial planning services are best positioned to help people who have at least £1million in investable assets.   

Our investment advisory services are best suited to those who already have, or who are on their way to achieving £500,000 of investable assets.

However, as part of our mission to create ‘Posi+ive Change’ we've created the resources below so you can improve your own financial life for little to no cost.

AES also host pro-bono sessions each year.

Not yet the right fit for each other? Enjoy our free resources


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Independent reviews

For those with £500,000 or less to invest and who do not need advice, we typically recommend the below DIY platforms. 

These reviews are designed to give you clarity, confidence and control over your financial decisions. You can read more in this blog, or click below to view all our reviews. 

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View one of our educational events

AES and it's changemakers often speak at conferences or corporate events. You can also request a customised presentation for your group covering a wide range of topics.

Financial planning educations events to help you make better financial decisions.
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Be all you can be

AES Education is packed full of information, resources and courses to help improve financial and health literacy. 


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