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Direct from our experts

Our independent reviews are designed to help existing and potential investors make the best financial decisions. Reviews include traditional broker fund providers such as GAM and Tilney Best Invest.

We examine their most popular offerings, including GAM's Star Portfolios - and discuss whether these broker funds are a financially wise investment for expatriates or not.  

Our independent reviews are our own opinions on the broker funds most commonly sold to international investors and expats. We look at the cost of these funds, whether they pay hidden commission, beat their benchmark or under perform. We also include the personal opinions of those who hold these products to help you make your own well-informed decisions. 

Each review below gets an AES rating and comes with a generous topping of helpful information on the features and benefits associated with it. If you hold any of these broker funds, we recommend you take advantage of our free, no obligation 15-minute discovery call to ensure your portfolio is not under performing.

What is a broker fund?

Broker funds are distributed and managed by life insurance companies and unit-trust managers; these companies and managers influence and incentivise allegedly independent wealth managers, financial advisers and advisories to place their clients’ investment business within the broker funds.

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