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Review summary

Nedgroup Investments

Nedgroup Investments is based in London, and runs the in-house investment solutions offered by Nedbank and Nedbank Private Wealth.

They run an historically successful series of portfolios with international investors in South Africa, Europe, the Middle East and South-East Asia in mind.

Customer Reviews
Expert Verdict

Run by Andrew Yeadon, the focus is on reducing downside risk for investors utilising leverage in their portfolio, which is reflected in the generally cautious approach and low volatility evident across their range of multi-currency, risk rated solutions.

Andrew joined Nedgroup Investments in 2012 following 11 years with Schroders Investment Management.  During his time at Schroders, he formed their Multi-Manager Team which saw the GBP130m of seed capital provided in 2003 grow to GBP1.6bn by 2011.

At Nedgroup Investments, Andrew is Chairman of both the International StratCom and the Global Investment Committee, and a member of the Board of Directors of Nedgroup Investment Advisors (UK) Limited.

Their range comprises of three multi different multi asset funds, one global equity fund, one global property fund, and three multi manager funds.

A variety of share classes are offered.

Where possible, costs are lowered through the use of ETF’s, and the manager looks to add value via their strategic asset allocation and in-house research across equity, bond, property and alternative asset classes.

Fund fees range from just over 0.5% to 2.17% depending on what share class is purchased.

Nedgroup Investments focus on capital and wealth preservation and deliver consistent performance.

For investors looking for a more traditional aggressive or high growth approach, Nedgroup may not suit given their more cautious approach and focus on wealth preservation.


The Pros

> Strong brand
> Excellent investment choice and lending options
> Secure
> Great for large investments

The Cons

> Potentially more expensive than passive approach
> May pay a retrocession to your adviser which could create conflict
What is Nedgroup's investment approach?

Nedgroup Investments says they make sure that whatever they do is in the best interests of their investors.

They independently select a range of external managers to partner and manage funds on their investors' behalf.

They call their approach Best of Breed™ - here are it's advantages:

  • Their independence allows them to select the most appropriate investment manager for each of their various funds.
  • The investment managers Nedgroup partner with either own the business they work for, or have a large investment in the portfolios they manage on behalf of Nedgroup's investors. This ensures best interests are aligned.
  • Nedgroup continually monitor the performance of their fund managers and reserve the right to replace them if they feel they are no longer suitable – without charges or inconvenience to  investors.
What are Nedgroup's fund charges?

Fund prices are determined daily, and depend on the value of the underlying assets held in each fund's portfolio.  For the most up to date pricing, visit Nedgroup's fund fee page.

So far so good

I'm happy so far, performance matches expectations, charges reasonable, service excellent - can't give 5* as it's against my principles!

Always room for improvement with anything.


Performance improving

I've been with Nedgroup for 3 years - and this year so far performance has been better - certainly better than the first year.  Fairly satisfied therefore.



Expert Assessment of Nedgroup Investments

If you already have a Discretionary Managed Portfolio with Nedgroup Investments and it is worth £250,000 or more, we recommend you get a X-Ray Review™ conducted to give you the information you need to ensure your portfolio is perfectly aligned with your goals.

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