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iFAST Corporation

iFAST Corporation is a wealth management fintech platform, with assets under administration of approximately $12.59 billion as at 30th September, 2020. 

Incorporated in the year 2000 in Singapore, iFAST Corporation provides a comprehensive range of investment products and services to financial advisory firms, financial institutions, banks, multinational companies, as well as retail and high net worth investors in Asia.

The company is also present in Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and India.

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iFAST Corporation offers access to over 11,000 investment products including unit trusts, bonds and Singapore Government Securities, stocks and exchange traded funds, and insurance products; while services offered include online discretionary portfolio management services, research & investment seminars, IT solutions, investment administration and transaction services. 

Their business can be broadly categorised into the following main divisions:

1. The Business-to-Business (banks/financial institutions/financial advisory firms/internet companies) division:

The B2B division provides a distribution platform which offers investment products, mainly funds, bonds and stocks/ETFs, and offers administration, transactional and other services to the banks and FA companies.

These financial institutions can focus on their core business while leaving the backroom functions to iFAST.

The B2B division also includes the pensions business, which offers multinational companies investment administration services for their employees.

Over 9,800 wealth advisers from more than 450 FA companies, financial institutions, banks and internet companies use the iFAST platform.

The B2B division of iFAST includes:

  • iFAST Central (The leading platform for FAs and financial institutions)
  • iFAST Global Prestige - iGP (Investment Platform for HNWIs)
  • iFAST Pensions (Pensions services for employees)
  • iFAST Global Markets - iGM (Simple and Transparent Financial Planning)

2. The Business-to-Consumer (B2C) model:

The B2C division provides a distribution and transactional platform to investors via the FSM/FSMOne website.

FSM has built a strong reputation for providing a wide range of investment products, a transparent fees structure, tools to compare investments easily, solid customer services support and research advice.

3. The Fintech Solutions (B2B2C):

The iFAST Fintech Solutions business division has been created to capture the business opportunities and provide innovative fintech solutions to their clients.

The iFAST Fintech Solutions business division provides:

  • Customised B2B2C solutions
  • White-label robo-advisory solutions
  • Bespoke fintech solutions

4. Bondsupermart:

Bondsupermart is a regional bond information portal providing comprehensive bond information and research to help investors around the world find crucial bond information.


We would highly recommend reading the 'expert verdict' section of this review to make an informed decision.

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  • Why you should accept the markets for what they are
  • What can impact behaviour and make people seek instant gratification

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The Pros

> Wide range of investments
> Lower costs

The Cons

> No advice
> Dealing commissions
What does bondsupermart do?

Bondsupermart provides research, tools and information, such as the prices and yields-to-maturity of over 2,000 bonds, for investors and wealth advisers.

This initiative by iFast Corporation to create a dedicated bond information portal is to help investors find important bond information from anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of investing with iFAST?

iFAST  Corporation lists the following benefits of investing with them:

  • A wide range of unit trusts and ETFs, asset classes and investment strategies
  • Significant cost savings for CPF Investments
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Award-winning technological tools to manage your investments efficiently
  • Up-to-date valuation of your investments in one place
  • Consolidated dealing and reporting
  • Free switching of unit trusts in a wrap account
  • Online access and execution of your investments
  • Efficient transaction processes that minimise market risks
  • Experienced and specialised research support
  • No lock-in or early surrender penalty
What does iFAST Central offer?

iFAST Central offers financial institutions an efficient and reliable backend platform to process their transactions for their clients.

Funds-related materials, corporate actions and the calculation of fee are also managed by them.

Financial institutions can focus on their business while leaving the backend operations entirely to iFAST Central.

What does iFAST pensions do?

iFAST Pensions specialises in delivering tax effective employee benefit solutions to multi-national companies and international professionals.

They provide defined contribution group retirement savings plans such as Section 5, SRS, offshore pension plans and international pension plans such as QROPS.

Their clients include Barclays, BlackRock and INSEAD.

To find out more about our corporate pensions services, please go here.

Do they provide investment parking facilities?

Yes, iFAST offers various facilities for clients to temporarily park their monies while deciding on the actual investments.

Clients can also choose to park their money in the Cash Fund or Money Market Funds on the platform.

What will happen to my investments with iFAST if I move abroad?

You will still be able to keep your investments, and you will be able to transact online.

However, you are not eligible to maintain your account if you are staying in the US.

If you move abroad, please contact your financial planner to check if you are still eligible to continue investing.

What are the benefits of using the cash account?
  • iFAST Multi-Currency Cash Account allows you to perform trades and settle your investment products in 10 different currencies.
  • Monies deposited in the Cash Account can be used immediately without time lag.
  • Furthermore, these accounts are interest bearing.

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Expert assessment of iFAST Corporation

Our verdict is that platforms that are not completely transparent in terms of fees tend not to be in the interest of clients, but rather salespeople and providers.

If you are an existing overseas investor with iFAST Financial, and your portfolio is worth approx. £500,000 or more, we recommend a Second Opinion and discover if you are on track to get and keep the life you want.


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