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Review summary

Praemium International

Established in Australia in 2001, Praemium is used by financial advisers and investment managers to manage or administer over A$100 billion, or £59 billion worth of investments across 300,000 accounts.

Praemium provides investment platforms, portfolio administration and CRM solutions.  The company has offices in Australia, the UK, Jersey, Armenia and Hong Kong.

Praemium launched its services into the UK market in 2008, where it is now one of the fastest growing discretionary platforms available.  In the UK the Praemium group is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Customer Reviews
Expert Verdict

Praemium is a multi-award-winning platform, including the win for International Adviser’s International Platform of the Year in 2018 and 2019. The Lang Cat rated them the #2 platform in the UK.

Praemium International services a wide range of jurisdictions, including Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South Africa and beyond.

Domiciled in Jersey, the international platform accommodates GBP, EUR and USD and provides access to a wide range of assets such as collectives, equities, ETFs, bonds and a range of MPS solutions from the world’s leading discretionary fund managers.

The firm’s proprietary technology makes it simple for advisers / model managers to make bulk trades and scale their business operations, freeing up more time to engage with the end investor.

Investors have 24/7 access to their holdings at all times via the market leading “Investor Portal” and can communicate / share documents with their adviser securely through the system.

Platform costs start at 0.35% and tier down for larger amounts, offering exceptional value for money for the end client.

The Pros

> Listed Business (Stock ticker PPS.AX)
> Proprietary technology
> Online applications and digital acceptance
> Floating models
> Experienced support team
> Platform does not pay commissions

The Cons

> Not fully open architecture
> Trades three times a week
What is Praemium International's Smartfund?

The Smartfund range from Praemium: 

Smartfund 80% Protected

For those who prefer more security for their investments, Praemium offer a capital-protected range.

The funds are made up of two parts: the protection component provided by Morgan Stanley, and the risk-graded strategy managed by Smartim.

Both funds are designed to allow you to grow your capital, but the investment journey will be different for each fund as markets rise and fall.

Investing in Smartfund may afford you a slightly better return in the long term whilst an investment in Smartfund 80% Protected will protect you from the worst of the stock market waves along the way.

You choose which is the right route for you.

What are the main risks with Praemium's Smartfund range?

An investment in any of the Smartfunds carries a number of investment considerations and risks.

Here's a summary: -

Risk of partial loss of capital, market risk, currency risk and counterparty risk.

• Smartfund 80% Protected - offers 80% capital protection, therefore in extreme market conditions the value of your investment can go down by 20%.

• Morgan Stanley provides the protection component of Smartfund 80% Protected and acts as counterparty to the fund, so if Morgan Stanley becomes insolvent, the protection component may fail.

• The value of each Smartfund may be affected by various market risks including interest rate risk, inflation risk, exchange rate risk and the risk that the strategy managed by Smartim will under-perform its benchmark.

• Fundlogic SAS will seek to hedge the share classes of the funds to counteract the impact of currency fluctuations. In extreme situations the investment manager may not be successful in protecting against all exchange-rate risk, which may result in the capital protection, of Smartfund 80% Protected, being less than 80% of the NAV for the USD and EUR share classes.

Australia based advisory firm

Praemium delivers so much more than a state-of-the-art platform.

Expert Assessment of Praemium International

This is a popular platform for intermediaries and will likely become increasingly used by traditional IFAs who seek to disintermediate from the offshore insurance companies and offer their clients a better option.

If you are an existing investor with Praemium International, we recommend you get a X-Ray Review™ conducted to find out the charges, access and terms applicable.

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