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Deutsche Bank

The Deutsche Bank is a German multinational financial services company. It was founded in 1870 in Berlin by 9 founding members.

Deutsche Bank is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany and dual-listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.

With a presence across 70 countries including Europe, Asia and America, the Deutsche Bank is said to have 272 billion euros of assets under management and 78,000 employees worldwide.

The Deutsche Bank is subject to supervision by the European Central Bank (“ECB”), by the BaFin and by the Deutsche Bundesbank (Bundesbank), Germany’s central bank.

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Deutsche Bank offers a number of services including:

  • Advantage banking
  • Loans
  • Private banking
  • Investing
  • Business banking 

We will primarily focus on their private banking services in this review.

Deutsche Bank's private banking services can be summarised below:


Banking privileges offers access to a privileged lifestyle
Lending a variety of loans to support all your needs
Investment services asset management and professional wealth management
Business banking finance growth solutions for businesses
Premium cards exclusive cards and benefits 

1. Banking privileges:

Deutsche Bank's banking privileges are exclusive to high-net-worth individuals and can be summarised below:

  • Private banking infinity
  • Private banking select
  • Fixed deposit
  • Express rewards
  • Doorstep banking
  • Global concierge services

2. Lending:

Deutsche Bank provides individual and business loans to their private clients that include home loans, loans against property, overdrafts against deposits, working capital finance and business loans.

3. Investing:

Private clients can build a diversified portfolio that is suited to their needs with the help of Deutsche Bank's investment management services. Their investment options include bonds, private equities, venture capital funds, mutual funds and more.

Deutsche Bank also offers insurance for protection of assets and for life.

4. Business banking:

Deutsche Bank offers business banking services such as cash management solutions and current accounts options that have value-added features like good forex rates, international cards, free fund transfers and easy cross-border transactions.

5. Premiums cards:

Deutsche Bank offers exclusive cards like the infinite debit card and the signature debit card that not only provides total protection but have flexible limits, priority customer service and chip technology.


We would highly recommend reading the 'expert verdict' section of this review to learn more about Deutsche Bank and make an informed decision.

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The Pros

> Well-known brand
> Global access
> e-Banking

The Cons

> Expensive
> Not the best way to invest
> Lack independence
> Big on investment banking which reduces its safety score.
What are the main services of the Deutsche Bank Group?

The Deutsche Bank Group's main services are called their four main pillars. Namely:

  1. Corporate banking
  2. Private banking
  3. Investment banking
  4. Asset management
What is PMS?

PMS stands for Portfolio Management Services. Under this, financial experts manage your investments for a fee. 

Deutsche Bank uses third party providers for this.

The funds under this are managed by professional fund managers and all the administration work is taken care of.


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Expert assessment of Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is a very large, top tier private bank with a very well-known brand, making it a good option for senior international investors.

Its size however may mean that the traditional values you would expect from a private bank, such as trust and an uncompromising duty of care, are harder to achieve.

It also lacks independence and is only able to push its own products and services, as opposed to being able to offer you the best available.

If you are already a private banking client of Deutsche Bank, we would recommend a no-obligation Second Opinion to ensure you are on track to reach your ideal future.

Additionally, we are happy to review the financial plan that has led to the investment portfolio you currently have.


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