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Lombard Odier

Lombard Odier is a Swiss banking group that has CHF 192 billion of assets under management (end of 2022).

Headquartered in Switzerland, Lombard Odier offers private banking, wealth management and mortgage solutions to high-net-worth individuals.

Lombard Odier set up an office in Dubai in 2007 under the supervision of the Central Bank of UAE.

The bank is authorised and regulated by the CSSF in Luxembourg and its branch in the UK by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Lombard Odier's services can be divided into 3 main categories:

  1. Private clients
  2. Asset management
  3. Banking technology

1. Private banking:

Lombard Odier's private banking services are targeted at entrepreneurs and their families. It mainly includes the following services:

  • Local solutions: 
    With an aim to preserve and grow your assets, Lombard Odier offers local solutions such as DFM services, asset structuring, wealth planning and global wealth management in Switzerland, UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Israel, Middle East, Asia and Japan.
  • Investment solutions:
    Private clients get access to investment insights, an asset allocation framework, portfolio management services and more. The investment options provided by Lombard Odier includes equities, bonds, investment funds and alternative investments.
  • Wealth planning:
    The wealth planning services provided by Lombard Odier focusses on providing bespoke solutions, inheritance planning, retirement planning, tax planning, family businesses and trusts.
  • Lombard loans:
    These loans are essentially overdraft facilities or fixed amounts given against client assets such as bonds and funds. Lombard loans can also help you invest a larger portion of your assets, in order to improve your portfolio's performance.
  • Impact investing:
    This allows private clients to understand the impact their portfolio has on the environment and how they can invest in a more sustainable way without negatively affecting investment performance.
  • Philanthropy:
    Lombard Odier carries out philanthropic activities of their own and also claim to help private clients think about their legacy and what they want to honour and help action.
  • Digital solutions:
    Lombard Odier has an online platform they call "LO" that offers different kinds of services to private clients - such as LO Gate which allows you to check your application, communications from Lombard Odier and general documents online. LO Trading gives you access to Lombard Odier's investment expertise on an online dashboard and LO Smart allows you to access comprehensive reports that are flexible.

2. Asset management:

Lombard Odier has investment managers that help clients align their portfolios to their goals and help create fresh investment perspectives (we would recommend reading the expert verdict section of this review before using their asset management services).

3. Banking technology:

Lombard Odier claims to have 220 years of wealth management experience that has helped them keep up with the technology demands of the industry. They have created an IT system using this knowledge of wealth management and it includes a banking platform and global assets+ solutions.


We would highly recommend reading the 'expert verdict' section of this review to make an informed financial decision.

The Pros

> e-Banking

The Cons

> Expensive
> Not the best way to invest
> Small bank
Does Lombard Odier offer portfolio management?

Yes, Lombard Odier offers portfolio management to their private clients as part of their investment solutions service.

They claim to create portfolios based on client goals, risk appetite and tax circumstances.

They offer both:

  • discretionary management and
  • advisory solutions.

Private clients dedicated banker is said to liaison with the investment experts at Lombard Odier.

Does Lombard Odier have external asset managers?

Yes, Lombard Odier have had external asset managers for almost three decades.


Where are Lombard Odier's offices for private clients?

Lombard Odier has offices for private clients in:

  • London
  • Luxembourg
  • Madrid
  • Milan
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Bermuda
  • Brussels
  • Dubai
  • Fribourg
  • Geneva
  • Hong Kong
  • Johannesburg
  • Lausanne
  • Montevideo
  • Moscow
  • Nassau
  • Panama
  • Paris
  • Sao Paulo
  • Singapore
  • Tel Aviv
  • Tokyo
  • Vevey
  • Zurich

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Expert assessment of Lombard Odier

Lombard Odier is a small, more boutique private bank.

Because of this, you are less likely to receive the best of breed in banking, investment and financial planning and fewer staff may also mean skill is lacking.

If you are already a private banking client of Lombard Odier, we would recommend a no-obligation Second Opinion to ensure you are on track to reach your ideal future.

Additionally, we are happy to review the financial plan that has led to the investment portfolio you currently have.


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