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Refer back to this if you ever feel stuck in your investing life [downloadable PDF]

By Sam Instone - January 03, 2023

I saw this yesterday and had to share it. 

It's something you can refer back to if you ever feel stuck in your investing life...

It's from a blog I like called Safal Niveshak, a Hindi phrase for ‘successful investor’.

The creator is Vishal Khandelwal, a stock market investor for over 19 years and an investment coach for 11 years.

His work has appeared in Bloomberg and The Economic Times, and he's spoken across the world on the subjects of investing, personal finance, and financial freedom.

Just last week, he published his 'Investor's Manifesto'.

As I finalise my own Accountability Document for 2023, this is something I'll be referring to. 

Here are the points from the manifesto, and below is a PDF you can download. 

Pin it up, frame it, give it as a gift. 

The Investor's Manifesto

I am an investor. I am not a speculator. 

It's not how much money I have that matters, but how much money I keep, how hard it works and how many years I let it work. 

I am not as brave as my broker thinks I am. For me, loss prevention is more important than pursuit of gain.

I know if I keep at hard work and honesty, I will get almost anything in life. Investing isn’t different.

Patience is a virtue for me, I resist the natural human bias to act

I don't try to predict the future. I always try to prepare for it. 

I know that to make money in stocks, I must have vision to see them, courage to buy them, and patience to hold them

I understand that luck plays a large role in success in investing. Not giving it due credit would lead me to failure. 

I understand that knowing what I don't know is more useful than being brilliant. 

I know leverage when combined with stock market volatility equals dynamite, and thus I keep myself far away from it. 

For me, there is no such thing as getting rich quick

I know there is no easy road. The moment I believe the road is easy, I will put myself at great risk. 

I know what I own, and why I own it. 

I know to achieve success as an investor I don't have to be brilliant, but only a little but wiser than others, on average, for a long, long time. 

I remember that the most dangerous words in investing are 'this time it's different'.

I know that in investing, I only have to do a few things right so long as I do not do too many things wrong. 

I can't live long enough to make all investing mistakes myself. I must thus learn from the mistakes of others. 

I try to keep my head when others are losing theirs. Successful investing for my is 99% temperament and 1% intelligence. 

Humility and courage are my greatest assets as an investor. I must not lost them. 

I remind myself often: I am in investor. 

You can download this as a PDF here

Happy New Year. 

Pursuing a better investment experience