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The top 5 blogs we’ve ever written

By Sam Instone - September 27, 2018

In case you’ve missed them …

Here are the top 5 most popular blogs we’ve ever written.

From lottery winners to expat living …

And a golden opportunity for investors.

Which one’s your favourite?

1. How we helped lottery winners stay rich

Imagine winning millions of pounds.

You could do anything you’ve ever wanted.

No work. Luxury holidays. Huge houses. Beautiful cars.

But nothing lasts forever.

Even multi-millionaires need to plan their finances.

Or risk losing that millionaire status.

So what’s the secret to sustaining their wealth?

A simple 3-point plan.

Which you, too, can follow. 

2. Expat living revealed: why expats struggle to save

Despite leaving their home country to earn more money (as many expats do) …

It can be much harder to save after moving abroad.

Expats often end up spending more than they would back home.

If you’re finding it hard to pinpoint exactly where your money is going …

Perhaps this blog will shed some light.

And point you in the right direction to better financial health.

3. Are index funds becoming too popular?

They are a very efficient way to invest.

Ordinary investors can gain exposure to a large number of securities.

At very low cost.

Passively managed funds have grown in popularity in recent years.

But some argue we may be heading for an indexing bubble.

Should investors be worried?

Find out here.

4. How to save £175,000 of inheritance tax

If you’re British, or have assets in Britain, your estate may be liable to 40% UK inheritance tax when you die.

Not planning for inheritance tax could be a costly mistake.

One that could be upwards of £175,000 if you’re not careful.

Luckily for you, we show you how to shave that sum off your estate’s potential inheritance tax (IHT) bill.

Here’s how.

5. Why I’m talking so much about Dimensional Fund Advisors

You might have noticed our many mentions of them.

Yet, they’re virtually unknown.

But likely represent a golden opportunity for any investor.

Currently the eighth-largest fund company …

The firm does no advertising to keep expense ratios low.

They manage assets worth $548 billion as of October 2017.

Why are they such a well-kept secret?

They say knowledge is power. For us, it means the difference between financial wellbeing and crisis.

As we work towards making the world healthy, wealthy and wise – we hope you’ve found value in the information we share on a regular basis.

If you would like us to cover a specific topic, let us know in the comment section below. We’ll be happy to look into it.