AES is an organisation dedicated to improving health and financial literacy.

We manage independent and impartial education platforms, which provide resources, information and programmes designed to help people lead ‘healthy, wealthy and wise’ lives.


Health and financial literacy are core life skills.

But traditionally, the giant healthcare and financial industries and associated sectors such as the media, marketing and even government have often poorly served this area.

With changing socio-economic structures, the rapid pace of digitalisation and the introduction of ever increasingly complex products and services, the need for unbiased, evidence-based education has never been greater.

This must be inclusive, widely accessible and made simple.

AES International education

AES aims to equip the public with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to make informed and wise decisions.

Our programmes are not only aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of the public, but also support the development of more responsible habits, behaviours and decision-making.

Andrew Hallam Seminar

Our work includes...

  • Provision of free resources
  • Media campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of financial education
  • Tailored education programmes, seminars and events that address the needs of target groups
  • Education tools, training, services and support for parents and teachers and
  • Collaboration with stakeholders and government, finance, education and community partners to extend the reach of our work.

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