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Andrew Hallam

"A column about investing, life and financial wellness. Sometimes about freakishly amazing retirement destinations."

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Who is Andrew?

Andrew Hallam is a personal finance journalist, speaker and international best-selling author.

Profiled on such media as CNBC and The Wall Street Journal, he's also the first person to have a #1 selling finance book on Amazon USA, Amazon Canada and Amazon UAE.

By the time Andrew reached his late 30s, he had built a $1m investment portfolio – on a high school teacher’s salary. Now, he travels the world with his wife, teaching others how to achieve financial independence too.

When Andrew isn’t fighting off mosquitoes in tropical jungles, cycling up a mountain during a downpour or trying to drive to Argentina in a van, he’s speaking and writing about happiness and personal finance. He has written columns for The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business and MoneySense.

Since 2016 he has spoken at businesses and international schools in over 30 different countries.

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#1 New York Times author, Daniel Pink, says Andrew's new book, Balance, "is one of the best personal finance books you’ll ever read―because it’s so much more than that. Andrew has written an insightful guide to spending and investing money, not to impress others but to build a life of satisfaction and significance.”

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Third edition of Andrew's book

With a third edition released in 2022, this serves as a handbook for smart investing, saving for retirement, and building wealth while living overseas. Using evidenced-based investment strategies, Hallam tailors his best advice to the unique needs of those living overseas –no matter where you’re from - to give you the targeted, real-world guidance you need.

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International best seller

This international best seller shows you how to achieve financial independence through smart investing. Andrew was a teacher who became wealthy by following simple rules. Using stories, personal experiences and humour, this book provides a clear foundation on the world of saving and investing.   

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