Your retirement planning goal is a financially secure and comfortable retirement

Our objective is to get you there, no matter where you are already.


  • You’ve yet to start saving
  • You’ve started or stopped a pension
  • You’ve accumulated significant assets towards retirement or
  • You’ve retired already...

…our retirement planning approach remains the same – getting you your financially secure and comfortable retirement.

We focus on 3 core objectives, which are helping you: -
Accumulate wealth for retirement
Accumulate wealth for retirement
Generate income in retirement
Generate income in retirement
Make your wealth last your entire lifetime
Make your wealth last your entire lifetime

Take charge of your retirement with our help

It’s true that the sooner you start the better…

And it’s also true that you haven’t left it too late…

No matter how old you are, when and where you want to retire, or how long you’ve already been retired already, our planning approach will:

  • Educate
  • Empower, and
  • Enable you to enjoy your retirement comfortably and securely

If you're wondering where to begin

There are different financial approaches to saving for retirement, and different ways to draw an income tax efficiently when you retire. 

To determine the best ways for you, the starting point has to be determining your required and desired retirement income.

So if you’re wondering where to begin, start here.

We will identify the best ways to structure your entire investment portfolio once we know what you want to achieve.

Our chartered financial planners have specialist retirement expertise to enable them to marry your investment objectives to your retirement income ambitions.

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Critical pension transfer information

As an expatriate with a pension already, you may be aware you’re eligible to transfer your pension into an international scheme known as a qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme (QROPS).

The benefits of a pension transfer can include significant tax advantages.


  • Pension transfers are not suitable for everyone – it depends heavily on your own personal situation
  • Because of the risks involved, you should never transfer a pension without the advice of an FCA regulated pension transfer specialist, such as our own at AES International
  • Certain QROPS transfers can earn financial salespeople significant commission, which is taken from your pension without you knowing

Be guided by our professional expertise and: -

Understand the risks
Understand the risks
Determine your options
Determine your options
Make the best decision for your pension
Make the best decision for your pension

Taxing questions about pensions

There is almost a limitless list of tax-related questions for expats when it comes to pensions, for example: -

We have written country specific retirement tax guides to help you.  And if you can’t find the information you need, we have the professional expertise to answer your specific questions.

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Dedicated, personalised retirement planning for you

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Free Download: Expat Pensions - The Ultimate Guide
Expat Pensions: The Ultimate Guide

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  • One bad investment could cost you more than half of your pension savings
  • You can make your retirement income last many years longer
  • You can save tax and pass on wealth to the next generation
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