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Mashreq Private Bank

Mashreq Bank was founded as the Bank of Oman in 1967 and is one of the oldest privately owned banks in the UAE.

Mashreq has over 12 overseas offices in 9 different countries around the world. It employs close to 4,000 people and have around AED 2.9 trillion of assets under management.

It provides banking services, loans, investment banking, corporate financing and other investment advisory services, including wealth management.

Mashreq Private Bank is regulated by the UAE Central Bank.

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As the oldest regional private banking specialists, Mashreq Private Bank claims to have extensive experience servicing the unique needs of their private clients.

Mashreq Private Bank has a unique banking model with the client at the centre of it all. This can be summarised below:

Investment advisors: create and review portfolios based on client needs.

Relationship manager

Customer service managers: Support private clients day to day needs and requests.


FX specialists: handle all FX requirements like futures, margin trading and hedging.

Trade specialists: Handle all trade needs like bank guarantees to ensure smooth execution.

Relationship manager

Mashreq Private Bank claim to understand that every client has unique needs and try to tailor their banking and investment solutions to fit each individual.

Mashreq's investment process mainly consists of 5 steps:

  1. Identifying a client's financial needs and risk profile:
    Each client has unique requirements and financial goals that shape their appetite for risk which can define their investment strategy. Identifying this is the first step of Mashreq Private Bank's investment process.

  2. Creating an investment strategy:
    Based on the analysis and information gathered in the first step, Mashreq's investment advisors help create an investment strategy that suits the clients needs and can deliver results (we would recommend reading the expert verdict).

  3. Top-down asset allocation process:
    Top-down investing essentially searches for specific industrial sectors that forecast market performance (watch what experts have to say about market forecasts). Based on these forecasts, top-down investors allocate investments from efficient to diversified rather than basing it on specific companies.

  4. Rigorous risk management:
    Mashreq Private Bank's investment advisors continually monitor the clients finances and their portfolio risk, optimising it from time to time to ensure that their wealth is protected.

  5. Portfolio monitoring:
    Regular portfolio monitoring, reporting and adjustments is also carried out by Mashreq Private Bank's investment advisors in order to identify and rectify deviations and keep an eye out for new market opportunities.

Here is an overview of some of the other banking and financing options provided by Mashreq Private Bank:

  1. Accounts and deposits:
    Mashreq Private Bank's banking solutions include the current account for residents, non-resident account, fixed deposit and certificate deposits. The private banking clients get access to exclusive cards, flexible terms for fixed deposits and Shariah compliant variants.

  2. Lombard lending:
    In order to provide private clients with greater flexibility and liquidity, Mashreq Private Bank provides lending solutions against a client's investment portfolio. 

  3. Real estate financing:
    Mashreq Private Bank can help clients who are looking to invest in property, need refinance for an existing loan or need help with commercial property financing and lease rental discounting.

  4. DFM solutions:
    Private clients with Mashreq Bank can also take advantage of their discretionary portfolio management services. These accounts allow investors to specify their goals and get customised solutions based on their needs and risk appetite.

  5. Insurance solutions:
    Mashreq Private Bank also provide insurance solutions like term life insurance, savings plans and general insurance to protect clients from unexpected circumstances.


We would highly recommend reading the 'expert verdict' section of this review to make an informed financial decision.

Additionally, here's a free guide that can help you achieve better results. In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Academic evidence only shared with a select few firms across the world
  • A real-life example of why you should never try to outguess the market
  • Why a fund's past performance is not enough to predict future returns
  • Why you need to focus on what you can control and why this leads to a better investment experience
  • Why you should accept the markets for what they are
  • What can impact behaviour and make people seek instant gratification

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The Pros

> Global access
> Good local bank

The Cons

> Expensive
> Not the best way to invest
> Not a fiduciary
What annual membership fee is charged by Mashreq Private Bank?

Mashreq Private Bank charges an annual membership fee of USD 1,200 if the client is a UAE resident and USD 3,600 if the client is a non-resident or a company.

You can find the full private banking charging schedule in the documents section of this review.

What are the main investment options provided by Mashreq Private Bank?

The main investment options provided by Mashreq Private Bank include:

  • Fixed income securities
  • Structured products
  • Mutual funds
  • Model portfolios
  • Mashreq capital funds
  • Equities
  • FX and commodities

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Expert assessment of Mashreq Private Bank

Mashreq is more of a local bank than a great option for senior international professionals.

With Mashreq private banking, you are assigned an account manager, rather than a private banking specialist. In financial services, this typically means fewer qualifications and the likelihood you are working with a salesperson rather than a fiduciary who has your best interests at heart.

If you are already a private banking client of Mashreq, we would recommend a no-obligation Second Opinion to ensure you are on track to reach your ideal future.

Additionally, we are happy to review the financial plan that has led to the investment portfolio you currently have.


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