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What does Apple's first slogan have in common with our MOST successful clients?

By David Norton - February 05, 2019

“Think different.” 

One of Apple’s most memorable advertising slogans

Also applies to the way we observe self-made millionaires and how billionaires handle their money.

Here’s how.

Our brains are wired for short-term thinking and immediate gratification.

It can be hard to shake these tendencies – but not impossible.

Here are 5 ways our wealthiest and most successful clients have trained their brain

To create better financial habits.


1. They’re engaged

Not all our successful clients actually enjoy investing.

But like going to the dentist, they know it’s something they have to do.

If they don’t – the value of their money goes backwards.

Because of inflation.

They are actively involved in their financial plans.

With budgeting, they’re meticulous and scrutinise each payment, big or small.

They want to see where every pound is going, knowing costs can add up in the long run.


2. They’re not afraid to admit things they don’t know

Not only are these clients successful – they’re also humble…

Unafraid to admit when they’re not sure, worried or confused.

If an idea, terminology or strategy is seemingly complex – they ask us to simplify it for them so they can better understand.

These questions allow us to do a very important part of our job…

Which is to keep our clients confident, aware and knowledgeable at all times…

So their investment journey can be as easy as possible.


3.They have their priorities straight

“You can’t have it all” is the pessimist’s way of looking at things.

The optimists? “You can have what you value most.”

Our successful clients take the optimist’s approach when it comes to their money.

It’s a big reason why their wealth has grown — instead of diminished — over time.

They certainly haven’t deprived themselves of luxuries – but they’ve been prudent before making big purchases…

Ensuring they’re able to afford them without needing a loan or credit card to do so.


4.They hope for the best and prepare for the worst

Historically and over the long term, the markets have returned about 7% annually on investments.

Yet, often our most successful clients want to see the worst-case scenario – like a year of 1% growth, or even a market crash.

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Knowing all possible outcomes, and being prepared for them, gives them immense peace of mind.

They sleep better at night knowing their financial plan is diversified enough to cushion them in market downturns…

And that they have insurance in place for any unexpected events.


5.They have patience and discipline

Yet another quality of our successful and wealthy clients is discipline.

They follow-through on plans and decisions regarding their careers, personal lives and finances.

As investors, discipline especially comes into play during times of market volatility.

They stick to their plan even when the markets are down.

We have clients who stuck with their strategy through the 2008-2009 crisis

And now they’re enjoying better returns than those who pulled out the market.

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You can be successful and wealthy

All you need is the right plan and the right firm to do it with.

When you find a firm with a philosophy which puts your interests first…

Your future will be in good hands…

And you can enjoy more of your life now without worrying about tomorrow.

Chat to us if you’d like your investment journey to be as easy as possible.

Save and invest for a better life