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DBS Vickers Securities

DBS Vickers Securities is a leading securities and derivatives brokerage firm with a rich Asian heritage and strong Asian focus.  It is a wholly owned subsidiary of DBS Bank.

The firm provides comprehensive retail, institutional and online broking services and solutions.

Headquartered in Singapore it has a network of offices that extends to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the United States and the United Kingdom, providing investors access to a wide range of global markets online.

Customer Reviews
Expert Verdict

Any non-American can open an account if they meet the criteria provided in a 20-question online multiple-choice questionnaire. 

It should be noted that being able to open an account doesn’t necessarily mean that the rules of the country in which you live allow it, OR that you get any form of regulatory protection if something goes wrong.

DBS Vickers Online provides customers with a broad range of global investment services through multiple channels, including the Internet, Investment Services Centre and Customer Centres.

Through them, you can invest in stock markets in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan. In addition to equities, they offer opportunities to participate in IPOs and private placements.

DBS Vickers doesn’t levy fees to open a trading account, nor is there an annual account charge.  However, there is a percentage charge on each trade, subject to a minimum commission.

These charges vary depending on the exchange you are trading, and whether you are trading online or by phone.

Here is a link to the fee schedule for Singapore accounts.

And here is a link to the fee schedule for Hong Kong accounts.

If you are invested through the US market you risk withholding and estate tax upon your death.

Compared with other offshore investment platforms, (click here for comparisonDBS Vickers Securities performs excellently.


The Pros

> Wide range of investments
> Low Cost
> Excellent DIY platform

The Cons

> Complex choice of instruments
> No advice
> Dealing commissions
> Poor website
What services does DBS Vickers offer expat investors?
  • Trading Representative-Assisted (Offline) Trading
  • Online Trading
  • Stocks
  • Margin Financing
  • Extended Settlement (ES) Contracts
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
  • Share Placement
  • Structured Warrants
  • Fixed Income and other financial products
  • Custodian Services
What types of account does DBS Vickers offer?
  1. Cash Account
  2. Cash Upfront Account
  3. Young Investor Account
  4. Supplementary Retirement Scheme
  5. CPF Ordinary Account
What are the benefits of using DBS Vickers online trading services to manage my investments?

With their online trading services, you can:

Use one single set of User ID and password to log in to an integrated trading platform and trade in SGX, HKEx, NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, TSX, LSE, ASX and TSE.

Manage and review your account information in multi-currencies.

Obtain real-time updates on your balances, credit limits and order statuses.

Know your order statuses via SMS & email trade notification alerts for all online markets.

View all your online account holdings in a single page.

Obtain free company fundamentals and financials plus our award-winning research from DBS Group Research.

Update your personal particulars online.

Get real-time U.S., Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong market data.

Enjoy bi-lingual (English and Chinese) capabilities.

Flexible, good customer service and research

I'm really happy with DBSV - did my research and didn't find a better offering.

Expert Assessment of DBS Vickers Securities

If you can control your emotions and use this platform to stay invested in low-cost index funds, then you can expect good outcomes.

However, the evidence shows that the average individual investor in stocks earned a 3.8% annual return over 30 years, while the S&P 500 returned 11.1% annually during the same period.

In other words, individual investors under-performed the market by approximately 7.3% per year, largely as a result of behaviour - such as trying to time the market or chase returns.*

Trying to resist this temptation and do it yourself (without falling into the traps we are emotionally hardwired to fall into) can be hard, and our advice is to only go down this route if you are sure you know what you are doing (and are happy to live with the potential consequences). 

If you are an existing investor with DBS Vickers Securities, we recommend you get a X-Ray Review™ to find out the charges, access and terms applicable, and to identify any better alternatives you may have access to.

*Source: 2015 Dalbar study of US equity investors.

DBS Vickers Securities General Trading Agreement (Hong Kong)

DBS Vickers Securities General Trading Agreement (Singapore)

DBS Vickers Securities Fee Schedule (Hong Kong Accounts)

DBS Vickers Securities Fee Schedule (Singapore Accounts)

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